Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Contest News; Tim Adams of Handmadeology is our Guest Judge

Meet "Hoot", the recycled owl with pizazz, and find out why he is going nuts...

 See the many faces of HOOT here at Noble Upcycling.

For those of you who have entered the $200 value prize pack Recyclers Guild (write-a-blog-post) LINKS contest, guess what?  Tim from Handmadeology and TimothyAdamDesigns is our guest judge.  That's right people, he will choose the winner and we are happy to have him..
Guest Judge runs Handmadeology.

About Tim: 
Tim's a leader in marketing, networking, SEO, and back linking!  This metal artist- turned networking guru from Ohio taught himself the ropes and built a community of like minded people trying to network and grow their business.  (I like to call the Timothy Adam Revolution!)  He has earned my respect my helping so many Etsy sellers by giving free tips. Right now he's hosting a free 5 day e-course on growing your business!.  Tim has been giving free advice based on what he learned himself that helped him become a successful online seller. He allows the Handmade community to network together and share ideas.

Vintage Spark!
Tim Loves Vintage Too!  
Don't fret vintage sellers, many of you don't know that aside from doing handmade, Tim and his wife also have a vintage shop?

With all the principles of our Recyclers Guild Links contest, about cross promoting someone.....we've found the perfect judge!  If anything you should enter this contest to get practice on writing good blog posts that cross reference others, as a way to build back-links!  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

  It's not too late for you to ENTER THE CONTEST NOW!

Might I remind you that you can enter as often as you'd like!
Prize is $75 worth of goodies (we're sure you'll like them) annd $125 free advertising!
Submit your entry and read rules HERE on the Recyclers Guild Blog.
Contest Entries Close February 14th, 2011
Thank you to Timothy Adam 

Sign up for this here .


Retreauxgirl said...

Great News!!

timothy said...

Awesome! I am excited!

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