Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 Finalists Announced and Await Judging by Tim Adams of Handmadeology

We are anxiously awaiting to know....
Our ERG "Links" contest is officially over, and entries have been reviewed. These are the lucky folks who have made it to the final round.  Judging will begin and winner will be announced sometime between February 18-21st.  These have met the following qualifications:
  • They have posted articles on someone on the ERG's shop,
  • Linked to those shops in the article.
  • And linked/mentioned the Etsy Recyclers Guild in these posts!
Now they will be forwarded to our Judge...drum roll please............Tim of Handmadeology--aka the Master of Social Networking! 
Tim is our guest judge!

Someone will win THE GRAND PRIZE PACK of goodies and advertising valued at $200.  What's not to love for a few moments of your time?  Not to mention, I'm linking them, they are linking us, we link and link and link. Read why this is important with this great article on Backlinking on Handmadeology.

QUALIFYING FINALISTS (in order received):

#1  Texas Vintage Things
This finalist blogged about---> RetreauxGirl   ENTRY #1 READ IT!

#2  Texas Vintage Things 
 This finalist blogged about --> RetroChalet  ENTRY #2 READ IT!

#3 Galla15  
This finalist blogged about--->  RetroChalet ENTRY #3 READ IT!

#4 PetiteHermine
This finalist blogged about--> BeatUpCreations ENTRY #4 READ IT!

This finalist blogged about --> NobleUpcycling ENTRY #5 READ IT!

#6 Serendipit
This finalist blogged about-->  SweetandDirtys  ENTRY #6 READ IT!

#7 HarvestMoonbyHand
This finalist blogged about--> WanderingLydia    ENTRY#7 READ IT!

#8 Felted Woolies  
This finalist blogged about --> Noble Upcycling    ENTRY #8 READ IT!

#9 Retreaux Girl  
This finalist blogged about --> TexasVintage/MattieReid    ENTRY #9 READ IT!

#10 RetroBabs
This finalist blogged about --> AdrienArt  ENTRY #10 READ IT!

#11 IntoTheTrees
This finalist blogged about --> RetroChalet   ENTRY #11 READ IT

#12  CerenaLeigh
This finalist blogged about --> AlpenglowVintage  ENTRY #12 READ IT !

NON-QUALIFIERS  (Thanks for trying)

ME:  Call this ironic! I wrote a post on our member Eco Friendly Freckles READ MY DISQUALIFIED POST HERE  but forgot to enter it on the contest entries WOOPSIE!
OHZIE:  Ohzie nominated her best friend BELIZ's shop.but her friend is not on the ERG... I hope you all will visit Ohzie's friend's shop as it's super cool. 

THANK YOU to everyone who participated. 
  • SPECIAL THANKS for those of you who featured my shop. 
  • VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Tim for guest judging. 
  •  SUPER VERY SPECIAL THANKS to  Janet of Into the Trees who took this contest opportunity as a time to learn to blog, and start her own blog and work on it.  I am so very proud of her, check out her blog now and send her some love! 


galla15 said...

Oh how exciting is this!!! I can't wait to see whot he winners are!!!

Lbtoyos said...

It´s exciting, some of my friends are in this seelction!!! Good luck to all

galla15 said...

And I am sorry for the typos :((

I can not wait to see who the winners are!!

Glitterbird Glamour said...

Ooh, I have a few team-mates in this contest!

bountyofbeads said...

Wow, some of my Etsy friends and Promo team-mates are finalist!!! Congrats to you all, well done.

RetroBabs said...

We are thrilled to be a finalist. Thanks to RetroChalet for encouraging us to enter. Adrien was a wonderful interview and he is a great artist. The rest was easy! Woo Hooo

Retreauxgirl said...

So happy that my entry about Heather from Texas Vintage and Mattie Reid made the cut!! She is a true friend, she is my go-to girl!!

Cerena Leigh said...

This would be amazing to win. Cannot wait to hear who the winner is!

Jill Q said...

galla15 ponted me in this direction ... and I see a number of Promotional Frenzy Team members are finalists! What a great blog :-)

http://www.etsy.com/shop/IntoTheTrees said...

I am thrilled to be a finalist and thank Cindy Retro Chalet's for her encouraging me too try the art of blogging. Great bunch of finalist entries here can't too see the winner! Janet

Sea Flower Studios said...

So excited to be part of this contest! Good luck to all the finalists!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm very excited to be included among the finalists. It was such a pleasure discovering WanderingLydia's shop and learning more about the wonderful items she creates. Very inspiring!! I'm going to take a look now at the other shops that were featured.

Ira Mency said...

Fixed the link to Janet's



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