Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Reuse : Ruti's Roots and Etsy Finds, How Did She Do That?

Ruti'sRoots: 190 Pieces of Recycled Paper Make This Bowl!

Bowl made from all recycled paper!

This seller, RutisRoots, was on the front page in a treasury tonight. Her green bowl immediately caught my eye, as it was unusual. I had to look twice at her creations, because they were made from recycled paper.  Soon I was reading how she was reusing gum wrappers, tea bag covers, and just about everything imaginable to make gorgeous art bowls and sculptures!

A Swan Made So Beautifully!
Tea Bag Wrapper Bowl
Her name is Ruti and she is 25 years old. She was born and raised in Jerusalem and is currently studying Occupational Therapy in the city of Haifa, Israel.  Her love for paper, artistry, and creative reuse show in these gorgeous designs.

I thought I was seeing things as 1050 gum wrappers transformed into this gorgeous swan like sculpture!

Ruti says, "These colorful stylish products can add a lot of grace and peace to your home or work environment. Moreover, since the items are sturdy, and have a durable cardboard lower part, they make perfect storage solutions for precious tiny items, such as: jewels, change, remote controls, CDs, game pieces, stationary, small cloths or whatever you feel like. "
This would look lovely holding a small potted herb plant atop saucer in the bottom.
Bowls range around $35-$40 and swans range between $50 and $80 on average, with very good shipping rates to the USA.  

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Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Wow, Ruti's Roots is so very talented...these recycled paper creations are incredible and very impressive!


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