Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything Etsy, Handmadeology Ad Campaigns and Welcome New Members

Welcome Earthling! 
Graphic by GirlGeekBoutique
We wanted to send a special thanks to Kim and Tim at Everything Etsy for working with us again, we will have advertising up with her on the site momentarily!   Make sure to visit Kim's cool site!  We love this lady!
We are Big Kim Layton Fans & her shop Flashy Fish!

We also have advertising currently up on Handmadeology and you know how much we love them :)   Both campaigns will run three months long, and lead right to the team tag.  This way, it makes it fair and unbiased, whomever has listed items last will show first.

Q: How can you maximize your exposure?
A: List or relist an item every so often so you can make sure you are somewhere in the first few pages !

Q: How do I know if I'm getting any hits?
A: Track your analytics via Google, (find out how on our Helpful Links page) and look for referring sites !

Q: What does this do for me?
A: Advertising makes people aware of our team's offerings on Etsy. Our hopes is they find your shop, like it, and visit it often. Just because they don't buy today, doesn't mean they won't buy tomorrow.

Q: How did we pay for this?
A: Our team works hard to raise money via selling advertising on the blog and items donated by lovely team members that are in our Team Shop. All Team Shop funds were applied to these campaigns. Sometimes we get grants from Etsy also. We have pretty much spent all the money in it so we hope that we can keep spreading the love and donating more.  You can view team shop funds at any time on our "Helpful Links" page. Contact Sarah at relove to Donate to the Team Shop!

That said, we have closed up the open enrollment due to a big "influx" of members.  Woot Woot. They made it in!  Let's welcome them now!

Do check out their shops!
Sweet Lucies
*Vintage and lovely, sister shop to IntotheTrees
Eco Friendly Freckles
Upcycled Decor Decoupage , and some natural herbs too!.
Ametista  sister shop to the Clay Shoppe clay & decor :)
Lovely Vintage Buttons =ARepurposefulLife jewelry creations!
Girl Geek Boutique - Upcycled jewelry creations Fun ! Fun!
DeComp -wearable art unique and chic check it out!
Eco Friendly Potato Pouches - Jams, Jellies and more!
Relogyyy- Eco Conscious Women's Wear From Greece

RetroBabs  Vintage and ReMix : Mid Century Vibe!
SoulRust great Vintage Clothing from Bismarck!
ReForma - Upcycled Jewelry from Discarded Goods from Brno Czech Republic!

Naturally Heartfelt all the way from the UK with beautiful altered art Jewelry!

TheGlambox: Two sisters with handcrafted jewelry and fashions!

LCVintage has beautiful vintage jewelry from NY!

Slapsymaxi great Vintage Clothing from Lake Michigan!

Smart Designing - great book purses! Connecticut!

HeidiMoon from Scotland with beautiful upcycled Jewelry Creations

Anyone missing? Contact me.

We also have "pending invitations out" such as  MyFairMaiden, sister shop to Broken Ghost Couture! Any of our teammies that have a second shop are welcome to convo me even if it's not open enrollment.  As you know we don't ask much of you, only to particpate making one treasury a month and try to cross promote your team in any ways you can.  With that said, I'd like to share this wonderful treasury by new member EcoFriendlyFreckles, and show it some love please!

'Baby Lambs and Blue & Pink Buttons' by ecofriendlyfreckles

Here is a place where little girls never grow up, where a tea party is an everyday activity, and where cute, furry friends make us giggle!

Pink Silver Baby Party Dress...

Vintage Pink Grey and Pearl ...

Coral Shabby Chic Cuff Brace...

Vintage Pink Graduated Bead ...

Pair of Small Aqua Blue Flow...

Vintage 1960 Soft and Sweet ...

Sweater Kitty Pink and Blue

Vintage Petite Powder Blue G...

Rule the World Mixed Media M...

Toboggan Noggin

SALE Vintage 70s Pink White ...

Vintage 1970 Retro Candy Tin

Denim Jumper (custom fit)

Felted Brooch Le Chat Pink R...

SALE - the four-birds-a-runn...
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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Thanks so much...I'm blushing! I love Etsy teams with so much spirit! I tweet a ton, so don't be shy about talking to me there. :)

Go Team!


Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you for the warm, delightful welcome and for featuring my treasury and linking to my shop!


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