Thursday, April 21, 2011

Benefits of Having a Green Home

By: Maria Valenzuela

Discussing all the rewards of living in a green home can be divided between the environment being eco-friendly and the benefits enjoyed by the owner especially when it comes to the financial aspect. A green home enables the homeowner to save from the monthly electric and water bill, as well as from repairs and maintenance. Moreover, compared to normal homes, green homes are far better which enables the value to go up. Thus, green homes are better for the environment and aside from that they are good for your family and your pocket because for one you can save money over energy consumption.

To the green home owner

1. Green homes can keep heating and cooling costs lower because they have a different kind of installation and air sealing. The efficient windows, lighting fixtures, and house equipment of the eco-friendly home can lower your electric bills.

2. Green homes are built using durable and sustainable materials that require few repairs and less maintenance.

3. Green homes are very good investment. They have higher values compared to other homes and the rising demand these days means that the homeowner has

To the environment:

1. Green homes are built from toxin-free building materials which mean they have health benefits to the owner as well as to the preservation of the environment.

2. Green homes make use of alternative sources of energy. This means that these types of homes have less dependence on conventional energy sources.

3. Green homes less less natural resources because construction material are made from recycled materials.

If you think green Inver Grove Heights Home are expensive, think again. Green homes are not that expensive compared to traditional homes. What make green homes expensive are the remodeling and the installations involved.

Homeowners will ultimately see that their savings have accumulated as the energy saved is higher than the price of the property. The starting cost when building a green home can cost you some, but the savings can be seen and experienced throughout your stay in your home. Since the demand for eco-friendly homes are increasing, the cost of building one will definitely continue to decrease.

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