Monday, April 4, 2011

Fundraising Update : Ron in Ames, Iowa Fire Victim Still Needs Help from Iowa

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for the fundraising drive we're having for Ron Craig,  ( Fire Victim , Iowa) who has been living without a home since August of last year. I received a call from Ron who was very, very, very appreciative and thankful and somewhat speechless of the recent donations that were sent to him. He said he received numerous envelopes from all across the country, people he didn't know, who opened up their hearts to care.  I want to also report that Big Fat Daddy's, Baltimore based caterer (who has "gone greener" ) has secretly pledged over $1000.00 to Ron.  Wayne Schafer, owner says, "I never met Ron, but it's a good cause."

Here is a video sent to me by someone special who filmed Ron and his two stray cats.  As you can see he is proudly wearing his Iowa jacket. Pumpkin, the cat, is named properly, don't you think?

The irony of this is how Ron is proudly wearing his Iowa jacket.  He's an Iowan, a farmer, and told me how he had part of his land protected so hunters could not shoot wildlife on it. He's an animal lover, and a nice guy. So it pains me to inform you I have personally called and written 63 organizations in Iowa to help him, and the only help I've received is from YOU readers and fellow Etsians, and one reporter (see below.) 

I'm so thankful for the kind people I've "met" on Etsy, like Eco Friendly Freckles!
It makes me realize how Etsy is so much more than just a place to sell crafts, it's a place where people , good people with big hearts, shop, and sell. It's a breed all it's own and I'm so happy to be part of this community.  Trust and believe without us, Mr. Craig would not have had horse feed this month.

I heard back from one reporter (thank you) who investigated and assured me that the town is very sympathetic to Ron's situation. He doesn't have "fines" from the town per se (on the old RV in his yard, or the sharded remains of his burnt up home) but they have sent him warning letters. She has forwarded me two more resources to contact.  I'm a little bit jaded at this point, but I keep thinking how much Ron needs the help and that every call or letter matters. I don't hold my breath but I will try my hardest to touch base with them this week. 

This fundaising was a way to raise awareness and find someone in Iowa, to open up their hearts as we have--us, the bunches of people who don't even know him....I wish I was hoping they would organize a clean-up committee to help him remove the debris from the yard.  Or find it in their hearts to donate some used clothing or twice worn shoes.  I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE IS NO ONE IN IOWA WITH HEARTS AS BIG AS OURS. THERE MUST BE. 

So I beg of you readers, fellow Etsians, and friends: If you can get a message to anyone in Iowa, or have any family who may work with a non-profit in Iowa, Ron needs:

Clothes - men's used
Shoes - Size 8 men's
help removing an old RV
yard Clean up
Horse Food!
Cat Food!
A warm meal.
A job.

See what you can do.  As if this happened to us, I'd like to think we could find resources or help.

Ronald Craig

55089 282nd Street

Ames, Iowa 50010




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