Friday, May 20, 2011

Living Green in Louisiana Dijon's Olde World Originals

Originally  I wrote this for Handmadeology, I wanted to show Dijon some more love on Etsy!
Woodworking Olde World Style 

Adorable coffee cart reminiscent of days gone by, 
made with reclaimed woods by Dijon's Olde World Originals.
For some of us, crafting is a pastime, hobby, or stress relief! For others, it's a part of who we are--and I'm focusing on a short series where these individuals will tell you, it's part of their heritage. They are upholding generations of tradition and the beauty shows in their work.

Take for instance, Dijon's Olde World Originals, coming to us from Baton Route, Louisiana.  Dee"Dijon" Jones comes from a long line of carpenters and welders, and believes in using "olde world" techniques when making his furniture.  You will find no mass production here.  His goods are made from reclaimed wood and timbers including but not limited to old doors, structure beams, architectural grates, garden gates, tin roofs, and balcony rails.  This ensures you are getting something with history and rest assured, no two will be alike.   
Gorgeous Cypress Dining Table

Dijon was born in Plaquemine, Louisiana and raised in Brusly. He's got a Cajun accent and began woodworking at an early age.  His grandfather was a carpenter, and his mother also. His father is a welder.  It's no wonder he inherited his family's traits. He explains, "I learned from all three of them. I started making furniture and other items for family and friends. Many of them suggested I should open my own company and I finally did just that. I love using Louisiana products, especially old cypress and vintage architectural pieces, to make new items for the home and garden."

This cart was used as a movie prop and can be found in their Etsy shop.
His wife Suzanne explained to me that the mighty Cypress trees are now more protected now and less timbered, but they still find reclaimed pieces from swap meets, reclaimed yards, and antique stores.  She says, "Dijon can custom make anything you want, to fit in any size space and keep the authentic look of "olde world styling." 
Part of his Cajun-Louisiana heritage are Dijon's mini piroque's.
Another indicator of his heritage is the fact he makes mini decorative "Pirogues", which were boat vessels native to the area used for fishing in the swamps.  Now Dijon's miniatures are a hit at crawfish parties or for serving beverages out of on a hot summer's day.  I could see this on my deck with flowers in it!

Find these in the Lagniappe section!

Kudos to Dijon for sticking to family traditions, using olde world processes, and reclaiming woods. In addition to the above you'll find objects for any purpose including lamps, home decor, tables, planters, garden decor, mirrors, clocks, and more.  You can connect with him more on Etsy , his website, or Facebook to check it out. 

Stay tuned for more from this series, including an artist from Germany using old enameling techniques, and an artist from Baltimore dating their wire wrapping skills back to Transylvania days. If you have a similar story or know of one like this, connect with me.

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What beautiful craftsmanship. So nice to see that.

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