Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Slapsy Maxi : Etsy Vintage Clothing Seller Dawn of Recyclers Guild Team Spills All

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Floral Blouse, $38

Dawn of Slapsy Maxi told me a little about how her love of vintage clothing came to be.  

She explains, "I got addicted to vintage clothing about 22 yrs ago. My Mom gave me an Edwardian, leather drawstring handbag. That was all it took. My husband and I would go to auctions and buy boxes of clothing, hats, shoes, purses. No one else wanted these things. We LOVED them. So much history we can learn from clothing. I wish clothing could talk, the stories they could tell. "

Lovely Louis Fe'raud Sweater, $30

So how did her sales of vintage clothing start?

Dawn says, "Three years into marriage I told my husband I was not happy working as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). I wanted to own a shop with vintage clothing. So I quit my job and Timeless Treasures Vintage Clothing Boutique (Brick Mortar) was born! I opened on November 17th, 1993."

How did she grow her business? 

She continues, "Filling the store from stem to stern. A few years into business and with knowing the RIGHT people we were able to connect with Hollywood. Our first movie we sold items for was Titanic. In fact of all the items they purchased from us, the only thing we could recognize was a Large, Black, Ostrich Plumed hat with a Red Rose on it, worn by Kathy Bates! "

Could this be the hat? Image courtesy of WornThrough blog.

Dawn continues, "From their we sold clothing for SeaBiscuit, Mona Lisa Smile, Public Enemy, That 70's Show.  Meet the Browns, HBOs-Carnivale to name a few. I always tell people that we are Collectors First and Sellers second." 

I asked her what she collects....

Dawn says, "Between my husband and I we have an Eclectic collection of items. I collect Vintage Ladies Head Vases, Art Deco items that Trip My Trigger, Flapper items with Faces on them, Old Hollywood items (I have a cigarette case/lighter combo that belonged to Cary Grant) and Vintage Mannequin Display Heads. "

I spy a vintage mannequin showcasing her 1936 vintage hat for sale!
Dawn and Hubby Jim

She continues, "My Husband collects Chicago Worlds Fair 1932-1933 items and memorabilia from our hometown. Our home is more of a museum and we LOVE it!"
Libby Lucille has inherited a passion for vintage!
Libby gives her Seal of Approval !

She continues, "Our 9 yr old daughter, Libby has inherited our Vintage passion. My all-time favorite find besides the TITANIC hat would have to be my Cary Grant cigarette case. Although I LOVE IT ALL! I get my inspiration and passion from the history in vintage items. I love finding an item that has a hand written note with it telling who owned the item and where it was worn. Clothing is a personal item to collect and I relish in that fact."
Vintage jewelry is also found in her shop!

What else does she want the world to know? 

Dawn explains, "I also dabble in making Jewelry. Especially earrings and necklaces. I enjoy making them out of broken or one of a kind jewelry pieces. Most of my time is spent online , reading books or magazines on Fashion and Vintage. We are never to old to learn!"
Gunne Sax Dress in her shop, Lace Confection timeless at $165

What is her favorite item in her shop? 

"One of my favorite items in my Etsy Shop right now is an Early 1970s GUNNE SAX-Cream Lace-Wedding Dress. So there you have it, me in a Nutshell."

Connect with Dawn: 

 Timeless Treasures Vintage Clothing Boutique on Facebook

Etsy Shop Slapsy Maxi

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