Friday, June 3, 2011

Recycling and Welcoming

Jessica and I as little girls.

Greetings to All,

  My name is Andrea and I am Jessica's (the new team captain's) twin sister; you may have seen me mentioned in some of Jessica's welcoming discussions/convos.  Yes, I am the newest member to the team, and proud to be a part of this fabulous movement of "recycling"!  I love to recycle!  You can just ask Jessica about it; I always come up with new ways to use my family's "trash" (glass jars, yogurt cups, rubber bands, old shirts, wrapping paper, etc.) or if all else fails, I put this trash of mine away for my husband to take to our local recycling service.

With "vintage" being the new "green", my shop (Storybook Artifact) and I are ready to be a great addition to this team!  I look forward to helping out as new team leader.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or need of assistance; I'd love to help. :-)

Eco-Friendly Freckles Decoupage Art Canister (Baby Inspiration)

I just wanted to feature one of Jessica's decoupage canisters to show how our new team captain's art can be so versatile and elaborate!  This one (featured above) is titled Baby Inspiration.  I will be taking this as a gift for an upcoming baby shower (that I'll be attending this weekend) for a friend of mine.  I am so happy to have picked out 
this personable piece from my artistic twin sister's Etsy shop (Eco-Friendly Freckles).  Wrapped inside, Jessica fixed me up with some of her luxurious handmade soap also.  This little addition to the shower gift really has made the gift extraordinary!  I love the detail in Jessica's art: absolutely breathtaking!  I look forward to seeing this baby shower gift unwrapped and "cherished"; the word cherished is elegantly featured on soap's tag, which I think truly accentuates the thoughtfulness behind this playful "welcome baby" gift.  I added a smily rattle to help play along the theme as well.

Just a Friendly Reminder to All Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Members: to please change your team tag on all your shops items to recycleguild.  Thank You. :-)



Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Aww, thank you Andrea for the warm and loving welcome! I am so excited about being team leader of the Etsy Recyclers Guild! I have always loved this picture of you and I when we were little. :-)

Artifact Andrea said...

Yeah, we were a couple of cutie pies, and still are today. ;-)

Ira Mency said...

You two are so adorable! I love that picture !!! You guys are perfect for this role! SO EXCITED!

LizzieCaye said...

Awesome! Welcome to both of you!

Naturally Heartfelt said...

ahh! sweet as a peach:)


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