Sunday, June 26, 2011

Using Recyclable Materials in Your Samples

I love to include free samples/gifts and plenty of embellishments in my customers' packages. I also find that this is a great opportunity for me to take advantage of recyclable materials. I find myself reusing packaging stuffing (styrofoam popcorn, bubble wrap, air pockets, etc.) along with other embellishments (i.e. ribbon or chiffon drawstring bags) from packages that I have received from Etsy shops or other online purchases.

My latest craze, however, has been to utilize and get creative with materials that I generally don't find in packaging. I love to make little wrapped candy-eyed treats for my storybook cookie samples. Pictured above is a sample of one of my Cow Jumped Over Macaroons.

I simply wrapped the cookie in cellophane/plastic wrap, and then re-used a mesh/netted veggie sack that I cut to size and tied off with ribbon.

This blog post was contributed by Andrea of Storybook Artifact. :-)

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renewable sources said...

Your recycled materials are very impressive. I so much love those stuffs that I think that is easy to do.


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