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Apple Cider Vinegar Diets when Fast Food Has Taken Your Soul

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I was recently reading this great Etsy article on The Importance of Diet Diversity, and figured I'd share my story of how I stumbled upon Apple Cider Vinegar.

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On the Go and Eating

This summer I've just felt horrible, I've been a lot sicker than usual (I'm usually never sick) and frankly more out of shape and run down that I've ever been. I had to stop and think what may have changed this summer versus every other summer.  The main factor is I have been nonstop traveling due to a heavy workload.  My diet has changed in the sense that previously I could spend more time preparing fresh fruits and vegetables from my garden and eat healthier.  When I did have a non-vegetarian dinner I made sure it was low fat, lean or organic.  On the road however, is a bit different story.

I'm not lying when I say I've probably been at home about 3 weeks out of the past four months.  My job makes me travel, work long hours, live in hotels where the complimentary breakfast is bagel and sausage links.... and eating fast food on the road has really taken a toll on me. 

Fast Food is Not Your Friend 
Fast Food is not your friend. I don't just mean McDonald's, I mean just about anywhere out that you can buy something.  Even when I tried to choose the healthiest thing on the menu, it was loaded with sodium. Just eating like this over several months, it gave me high blood pressure, packed on the pounds, and made me feel awful--sluggish, tired, run down.  I felt like I had low sugar, so I'd grab a Fountain Soda and well, what a mistake. The biggest problem I found, is that the average item I consumed has about 30 grams of fat, tons of sodium and fountain sodas loaded with sugar.  See the full list here, for those of you who love to grab a bite on the road!

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet to the Rescue
I ended up having to make a change.  I knew I couldn't go on at this rate.  So, I tried fasting for a few days, resting up and cleansing my system of the impurities by using an Apple Cider Vinegar diet.   Now let's just say I was a bit scared of what the cider vinegar would do to me, as it never went over well on my fries, but it has been a sheer wonder. I felt better and am hopeful when my blood pressure gets checked again, it should be down.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

It is said that it's an old folk remedy for lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, and cleansing your system.  Here are some things I noticed when using the Apple Cider Vinegar in my diet.
  • I didn't feel as sluggish, as if my energy level was increasing.
  • I felt like the apple cider was washing way the impurities. 
  • I didn't feel that there were so many highs and lows in my metabolism--I felt more stable.
  • I didn't get those sugar crashes like I was on the road.  I think it stabilized my sugar.
  • I lost a few pounds already, which is probably thanks to lowering my sodium intake and getting rid of excess fluids.
In actuality I have nothing bad to say about it, although the initial shock of drinking a bit of it each day sort of freaked me out. You get used to it because the benefits certainly outweigh any unpleasant tastes. (Hint: add the required dose to a glass of semi warm water and chug down) Although many health food stores sell cider vinegar , I have been using grocery store bought versions with no problems.  
A friend of mine who used to work with a doctor on a Holistic Therapy show actually turned me onto it and I can't thank him enough.  You should really read up on it if you too want to Cleanse and Purge the impurities out of your system using a natural remedy.

See a full list of real benefits here.

Celery or bust!

Tips for Eating on the Go

Now I take dried fruits, granola bars, bottled water, and juice on the road.  If I am near a grocery store I'll buy a bag of baby carrot, some celery and go to town on some fat free veggie dip. Some ice out of the hotel lobby into my carrying pouch will usually extend my leftovers until the next meal. Anything is better than eating fast food, even if you have to not eat at all.  ♥

Post by Ira Mency of Retro Chalet. 


LizzieCaye said...

You are so incredibly right!! Eating habits truly impact how you feel. I've never done the apple cider vinegar cleanse, but I have used in facial tonics and baths to help pull toxins out through the skin, and that too works wonders.

I also found that hibiscus tea does an amazing job of stabilizing sugar in the blood stream. Skip the pricey stuff, and get the whole flowers at a hispanic grocery. They are much more potent!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

I love hibiscus tea too! I like to add lime juice to it. ;-) My husband and I have added apple cider vinegar to our diets; we like Braggs has the mother culture in it! Great blog post!!!

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