Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Etsy Search Ads: What Is This?

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Etsy has revealed that they are now selling search ads to help get your item "found." These ads are based on keywords and search terms that will help your item get premium placement in Etsy searches. To make a long story short, the cost associated with the search ad is based on the number of impressions. For example, if you invest as little as $5 you can get 5000 impressions of your items (or section of items) on the creme de la creme of the search pages. Keep in mind that impressions are how many times your item will show in relevant searches.  

Keep in mind there is no guarantee that someone will click on your item. This is not a cost-per-click (CPC) campaign.  This is a fee paid service. 

The pros certainly outweigh the cons in my opinion.

  • For as little as as $you set the rate per week it has it's benefits. For instance, you can set it at $2 or $5 or $25....For those of you who have a hard time tagging or finding relevant keywords, or unsure how to title your items this may help you get better placement and help you get your shop noticed!
  • There are fee tiers which means you can choose the impression plan that you can afford. 
  •  It is cheaper than the previous "showcase" slots where in the old Etsy days you could feature an item for $7 for one slot and it was for one day only.   
  • The basis of it is simple. These impressions are ran over a week, and you can set up auto-renew and cancel at any time.  Items you sell are dropped out of the impressions automatically so you won't be wasting impressions on sold items!
  • Starting at only $5 is affordable for the low-selling seller. 
Seek Print : Canton Box Company
It is also possible depending on the algorithms (ie: calculations) used those of you not paying for such a service may be bumped out of prime slots. For instance, if you are a seller whose items were coming up high in searches lately since Etsy has redone their Relevancy searches , you may lose your slot so someone paying for this. Although you are used to having relevant keywords, tags, titles, sections remains to be seen if you now run the risk of  bumped out or second slotted to someone who is indeed paying for this service.  We shall see!  Proof is in the search ads!

If anyone tries it and has feedback, do let us know!


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