Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Promoting Your Artwork Online, Courtesy of ArticlesFactory

Good 'ole Dog by Leuckit

Reprinted with Permission from ArticlesFactory

Promoting Your Artwork Online

You are a budding artist but if you don’t promote your artwork, you would probably have a hard time selling. Internet is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of promoting art. This article shows you how.

Web site:

Have a web site of your own. You can put up photographs of your art work, be it sculpture, painting etc, provide a short write up about yourself and your contact information. Hosting the website and promoting it can take some effort, which is where professional art web sites make it easier for you.
These web sites display your art work for a small fee (some even do it for free). Art dealers, private collectors and galleries regularly visit these sites looking for good quality art work. One such site is

Art communities and forums:

Become a member of art communities and forums. They provide numerous resources for artists and bring artists and buyers together. Besides, it gives you a platform to make friends with fellow artists.

Email promotion:

Do not miss any chance to collect the emails of prospective buyers. Any time a prospect mails you showing interest in your art work, make sure to add him/her to your address book. Also, collect email addresses while displaying your work at the various shows. Once you have a sizeable email database, all it takes to announce the sale of your new paintings, upcoming shows etc is just a simple email !!!

Search Engines:

Getting listed in the search engines enormously increases your web presence. For example, you can submit your web site at yahoo under the “Arts” category at http://dir.yahoo.com.**

Spend a little time (atleast 15-20 minutes) everyday promoting yourself and your work. If you do it regularlyComputer Technology Articles, you will notice that it’ll become effortless and be very effective.

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com **Submit to Yahoo for Free HERE.


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