Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eco-Handbags Supports Eco Designers

Eco Friendly Handbag Photo
Amelia Mini Purse, I want this so bad.

Purse lovers and greenies, or designers of recycled or upcycled purses, you must check out super green way cool site: !  What a great concept for a shop!   They don't just sell eco friendly handbags, they provide an outlet for consumers to buy alternative green products! Here you can find just about anything in the way of bags including: handbags, Tote Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Lunch Bags, Wallets,  Travel Bags, Messenger Bags,Wine Bags,Diaper Bags, Laptop Bags, Market Bags, Briefcase, Gift Bags, Ipod Cases, Cell phone Cases, and  reusable grocery / produce bags.  Here is a video:

I really love the fact this site promotes indie handbag designers from all over the world who provide recycled, upcycled, or greener methods for making bags.  .If you go to the "Meet Our Designers" tab you will see that there is a huge variety of designers featured here and some bags featured are from ,  Envirosax, RUME, CredoBags, and b.b. begonia!
Record recycled purse

The prices are affordable and a viable alternative to buying new or mass produced.  You now have way more green choices from earth-friendly designers, and you can shop by product, everything from recycled drink pouches to men's ties.

 If you are a designer, you can check out the site to find out how they can help promote your products worldwide. If you are looking for any of the above items, it's definitely worth a look see and has earned a spot in our bookmarks!

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