Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farm to Table Movement Utensils - Finally

credit: aboutaspberries.ud
I just saw this on twitter and went over to Big Fat Daddy's to read it. I was wondering why a BBQ guy was talking about utensils until I realized everyone is going greener and getting on the Farm to Table movement, often called Farm to Fork...so check this out:

This non metallic flatware set is made of bamboo, eco friendly, FDA approved and without chemicals is said to make your food taste better. I am sure it enhances the flavor by not taking away from it - I don't know about you but I've more than once tasted the metallic taste of a spoon in my soup. Durable to last!

Made from Eco Friendly Bamboo

Farm to Table is just beginning, some restaurants are already practicing it, taking fresh veggies from the farm to the dinner plate, now with these utensils it will complete the cycle.

Pregnant ladies listen up, read what they have to say about it!  hey are even working on spoons for chemo patients due to the metallic taste that most cancer patients get during radiation. I think this is great.

Check out TruFlavorWare now.


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