Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nature Bags of Jungle Vine Support the People of Laos

kirkscubagear is offering these Lovely Nature Bags. Nature Bags are made of wild growing Jungle Vine--by the people of Laos (Southeast Asia). Essentially this is a 5000 year old tradition of weaving which allows the ancient Khmu culture to use the natural vines of that region and turn them into something functional. The jungle vine is actually opened and stripped of it's core, which is a white ribbony like twine. The twine is then woven together and then woven into the bags!  Amazing strength and beauty comes from these sturdy bags which come in many shapes and sizes!   

These environmentally friendly reusable tote bags and grocery sized bags still come from small villages who are struggling with poverty. Primarily the women have been busy utilizing their thousand-year old traditions by making these bags and you can feel good knowing your purchase helps the people of this region.   Many styles and types are available, so go to kirk scuba gear who is an authorized retailer of these bags to find out more!

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