Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PYC Awnings Go Green Cut Energy Costs

Awnings like this can add value to your home and cut energy costs.
We talk a lot here on the Recyclers Guild about ways to go greener, in our day to day lives. Today I was thinking as I opened my energy bill, what can I do aside from erecting solar panels on my house or putting a windfarm in my backyard (which the city won't like mind you...).  How else can I go greener by cutting energy costs in my home?  Then it came to me, one word : AWNINGS. 

So many colors and styles are available.

Awnings have become increasingly popular both for their environmentally friendly function and their amazing style. Many people are buying awnings for their houses and businesses to increase curb appeal and to save money on energy cost.  A bit of shade from an awning saves you on air conditioning bills!

If you have not gone through this process before, it can be complicated to decide where to start. Some of the best looking houses on the block are those with awnings, and store owners love the appeal awnings can add to their storefronts. While window awnings have been popular for many years, the growing cost of energy has made them even more popular.
The investment will save you money on the energy bill!

Obviously, in addition to helping decrease monthly energy bills, window awnings also increase beauty and style of a home and can attract attention to your business by adding awnings to your store windows and doors. You can actually add value to your home or business with these well designed window treatments!

I suggest starting with PYC Awnings. With over 100 colors available, it’s easy to find the color and style that will create a transformation to your home or business. Check out PYC Awnings for more information on colors, styles and how to save money and create a new look for your home or business.


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