Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Raleigh NC Computer Recycling

computer recycling
Odie computer statue at ThrilloftheHunt on Etsy.
I love North Carolina, and just heard of this Raleigh NC Computer Recycling place that offers the green alternative of taking the old computers off your hands.

Businesses Can Recycle Computers

This  zero-landfill computer recycling company, Southeastern IT Asset Management is the perfect solution for businesses who are upgrading computers and have old dinosaurs that they want to get rid of.  Can you imagine how much space that will save in the landfill?

Zonked out Personal Computers : Don't Throw Them Out

Has your laptop taken a dump on you? Did your screen go out and you decided it was cheaper to buy a new computer than repair the old?  Well, if you are wondering what to do with that old unworking or unneeded computer, take it to this guy!

Secure Data

Many people are worried that their computer may contain data about them, but no worries,  they take pride in making sure you are protected and even has options available to shred your old data so no one ever can get it.

What are you waiting for, contact them about computer recycling today!

Save the Planet!

Share this to your friends, your family, and your business friends! Businesses do not have to toss their computer equpment because zero landfill solutions exist.


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Computer Recycling Louisville KY said...

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