Sunday, June 24, 2012

Village 12 Dominican Republic Volunteer Organization

Village 12   is making a difference in the world today, mainly in the small town of Munoz, Dominican Republic.  Their work includes building showers, bathroom facilities, water filtration, and school houses.    Village12 trains volunteers like me and you, on how to be effective field project managers and to help with projects needed in the Dominican Republic.

They are making a difference in people's lives. With a vision and goals, an entire community is being revamped. You can make a difference and be part of something grand.  Their core principals at Village12 follow a simple process to initiate and sustain self-sufficient projects in a community. Donations and volunteers are needed to help them meet their goals!
Village 12 Dominican Republic
Their Volunteer House is located in the heart of Munoz, a small farming town outside Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Munoz is home to about 15,000 Dominican people and about 1800 Haitian people. Since January 2012, Volunteers have been working an impoverished Haitian community, particularly people living in the Middle Batey, or sugarcane workers camp. (These people were laid off years ago from cutting sugarcane and are now unemployed, uneducated, stateless and living in very poor conditions. Learn more about the history of the Dominican Republic sugarcane industry here.)
 Village 12 Map
Village 12's holistic, self-guided training program identifies the needs of a community and designs projects to address those needs. They have many plans made for the small community and are in need of people like you to help meet their goals.

Current projects include:

Composting pile + tea
Outdoor kitchen
Cob Oven is one of the projects for Village 12.
Cob oven
Rainwater catchment
Outdoor latrines + human composting pile
Outdoor showers + greywater system
Laundry area + greywater system
Food forest/tree planting
Trench improvement
Aquaponics system
Camping shelter
Community area

Ways to Help:

Donate your time and money by Volunteering

Please read more about Village 12 here.

Connect with them on Facebook here,  Watch their YouTube videos here, or follow them on Twitter.

By email or phone:

Dominican Republic Phone:  829-216-4454

By postal:

PO Box 652
Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic 57000
(mail takes 4-6 weeks)

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