Friday, July 20, 2012

Model on a Mission Environmentally Friendly Noura Gouma

Noura Gouma
If this doesn't say go green, I don't know what does. Courtesy: Nora Gouma/Model on a Mission
Check this out! For the greater good is Model on a Mission .   In other words, International Dutch Model Nora Gouma is a Model On Mission! She Dares To Take A Stand! 

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Model On a Mission advocates in stimulating a positive light all over the world in terms of campaigns and global awareness regarding various issues such as human rights, fair trade and sustainability.

In line with this, Model On a Mission herself, Nora Gouma, is generating waves in changing and shaping minds on what beauty is all about. She crusades for a more diversified view on beauty no matter what ethnicity, skin color and height it is.

Model On a Mission takes a stand for all women and great causes around the world through various campaigns that will shed a light on what beauty is REALLY all about. Through photo shoots, campaigns and projects, they are hoping to successfully transcend a message on what should really matter in this world.
Nora Gouma
Nora Gouma a model on a mission! 

Recently, Model On a Mission went on a partnership with Hope Alive Uganda, a non-profit organization that goes out to help people below the poverty line in the communities of Uganda.

International Dutch model Nora Gouma also supports fair trade campaigns to ensure that laborers are paid justly.
Find out more on what she's doing for the greater good on the:

Model on a Mission website
Model on a Mission twitter

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