Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Save the Ants Website Fights for Rights

Save the Ants 

Look what I just found!  The Save The Ants website  which is taking a stand and speaking out for (you guessed it) ants. If you think about it, someone should. Remember the kid in elementary school who used to squish them or trod on them just for the fun of doing so? What about breaking out a magnifying glass and watching them burn to little bits? I always though this was a type of animal cruelty. 

Though we may not spend much time thinking about it, these small and teeny, those little guys have rights too. In fact, ants are an important part of the eco-chain.  Save the Ants reminds us , "An Ant dies every three seconds somewhere in the world, mostly from unprovoked and horrific incidents such as being trodden on, having boiling water poured on them or even being burnt alive by a troubled human child with a magnifying glass. "

Read how they are working to stop that below:

Connect with them on their website "Save the Ants"
On Twitter  at "SavetheAnt"  (no s on the end)

Do you think this is super cool like we do? Share this with your friends and family! Send it to facebook, twitter or talk about it on your own website so the ants can be saved!

 saving Ants

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