Monday, October 22, 2012

Cigar Company Goes Green with Windpower

eco friendly
What do you think of this?  Imagine my surprise when I read about how True Tobacco is using their "greenie practices" to appeal to more of their cigar and tobacco customers. By going "Eco Friendly" they are actually increasing their cigar sales by appealing to a certain environmentally conscious clientele.   

TrueTobacco has increased their sales by "going greener".

The owner said in a recent interview, "We were born from a vision that eCommerce can be done in a better way. By better we mean, faster shipping, better service and a more Eco-friendly approach."

Just what does that mean for a cigar company? 

They responded, "We currently host our site on servers that are 100% wind powered. On average we put out 16,550 pounds per year less of CO2 compared to our less Eco-friendly competitors."

WOW.  More and more businesses are using the eco friendly approach to increase marketing, but using this much less CO2 is definitely something to brag about!   This is something to think about.  Would one chastise them for selling cigars, or pat them on the back for going greener? 

Thoughts on this?

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