Thursday, October 4, 2012

GreenIters Ning Group of Greenies

This just in! is a free online community of greenies and eco friendly lovers on Ning! They have reached over 10,000 members and counting! Here is what they told me in a one on one interview!

Tell me more about GreenIters!

"GreenITers provides such online community, where everyone from top academics to the average person with an interest in preserving the planet through eco-friendly technology, can get together online and share ideas, new gadgets, scientific news and break-through."
greeniters new online green community

"It's true that advances in green technology are critical to combating climate change, and for making a more eco-friendly society. As with all technology it is people with the passion to progress it that make the biggest contribution, and in the case of greener technological solutions there are many individuals both expert and amateur alike who want a community to discuss ideas and improve green technology."

So I wonder, just how does one join such a group? 

"It is free, fast and easy to join GreenITers and as a member, people can join groups, existing groups cover topics such as Renewable (Biofuel, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydroelectricity, Solar, Tidal Wave, Wind), Electric / Hybrid Vehicles, Green IT, Green Building,Eco Projects, Nature Protection, Climate Change, Recycle and Green Innovations.  These are great areas to post images, video, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects. Other features include a news share, photo library, and blog. Whether members are interested in green motoring technology or solar powered gadget re-chargers, or even how to generate energy from trees, this is a great place to whet your appetite, and work with or read posts from other GreenITers`s members."

So why GreenIters?

It is going to take a global team effort to have an impact on climate change, and provides a place where global green like-minded individuals can come together and progress into real clean technology solutions to the world.

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