Monday, October 1, 2012

Wave Power Generation Clean Energy Ocean Side

wave power energy
Eco Wave Power is an established Israeli "green tech" company that produces renewable and sustainable energy via its proprietary "wave clapper" technology.

The company was recently awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation in conjunction with the development and implementation of an an all-round solution for effective energy harvesting from waves.

Eco Wave Power was founded by tech guru and serial entrepreneur David Leb with a focus on rapid return in investment (ROI) due to highly efficient construction and production prices along with high tariffs for every kWh of wave energy.
wave power generation

Eco Wave Power's energy production system is highly competitive with other, competing renewable energy sources such assolar, wind, hydro as well as conventional modes of energy generation, like oil, natural gas and biofuel.

While a typical solar panel takes 10-15 years to provide positive ROI, Eco Wave Power's equipment provides positive ROI within a much shorter time frame, typically within 3-5 years while at the same time insuring equipment longevity exceeding 30 years.

Wave energy comes with its share of limitations that need to be properly addressed by the agents harvesting the energy. For instance, making the solution cost-effective, maintaining the floaters, finding the correct placement to leverage wave height without exposing the devices to rough weather, among others.

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