Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bee Green Magazine Canada Goes Green

bee green magazine local organic
Bee Green Magazine is teaching it's readers to eat local, organic, and healthier!
Bee Green Magazineis a hip and Eco friendly online magazine that started up in Vancouver Island, Canada. Connecting Canada's Victoria and surrounding areas with all aspsects of G R E E N living. Giving a great online resource to those who want to live green, be green, and make green changes in their lifestyle. Within the Eco friendly walls of their ezine, you will find out more about:

Thee benefits of eating organic.
Ways to go green.

How to be sustainable and shop for local products.
What being green is all about. 
How to eat Vegan.
Connecting with others.
Non-profits and citizen activities that focus on being green.
How to find LOCAL merchants who are more Eco friendly.
Connect with others who are striving to be more eco conscious.
Bee Green Magazine
Bee Green Magazine is connecting Vancouver Island and Victoria--and making Canada a greener place!

They say, "Bee Green focuses on relationships, education and awareness between business owners and individuals. We believe that fostering relationships based on culture, health, wellness and sustainability will ensure a bright and positive future."

We couldn't agree with that more. If all towns had an online directory and magazine for the community to get involved in, it would certainly make the world a greener place. Here, Bee Green Magazine has found a place on the WWW to connect all Eco minded individuals, local businesses, youth, post secondary students, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders together for the well being of this wonderful plant.

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