Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bloom Herbal Organics are Eco Stocking Stuffers @BloomHerbal

joe mahan
Joe Mahan (holding his herbal remedies), founded Bloom Herbal Organics. Read the full story here!
Finally, herbal organics are here, and you could say, these are just what the doctor ordered. This is because Bloom Herbal Organics  is a physician owned company.  Originally it was Joe Mahan who was trying to find his own natural source for allergy relief.  Working with Dr. Zarate, they together developed some of the best all-natural lifestyle brand of organics around.

These are what some would call "herbal remedies" or "old world cures" in fact, Bloom Herbal Organics says, "They are technically tinctures-- liquid extracts of herbs mixed with water and a small amount of alcohol." They cultivate and harvest their own herbs at the highest possible peak, knowing what ingredients to blend for maximum potency. They use the very best nature made ingredients!
Immune System Booster
Most of their bottles contain a month of doses, this Immune System Booster contains 35 doses. A great value for $24.50 MSRP

Bloom Herbal Organics has perfected these natural combinations for:
  • Allergy Relief contains Licorice Root and Dandelion Root....
  • Sinus Relief  contains Elder Flower and Eyebright Herb.... 
  • Respiratory Relief contains Wild Cherry Bark and Licorice Root....
  • Immune System Booster
    contains Echinacea Root and Peppermint Herb....
  • Recovery contains Milk Thistle Seed and Fennel Seed...!

What's better? Just in time for the holidays! Why not promote a healthy, active and green organic lifestyle by giving these tiny bottles of goodness in a stocking this season?  Are you wondering where to buy? First, you can  Find a store near you NOW or Purchase Direct from their  Website!

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