Monday, November 19, 2012

Eco Promotional Products: Green Up Your Business

PLA coffee cups biodegradable
Biodegradable Paper & Plastic Cups are 100% Compostable. Biodegradable plastic cups are made from PLA plastic derived from com. PLA plastic is a compostable material that will decompose back to organic elements.

Businesses of all sizes from corporations to Etsy shop can practice greener ways in their business. One of those ways is being aware of the promotional products they use around the workplace. Are they green?

Another BIG problems are a lot of those personalized or customized freebies they may give out.  You know the ones you receive at craft shows, trade shows, job fairs---those "go with" freebies that they give away when trying to upsell products.
green bookmark upcycled paper
Earth friendly bookmarks are handmade from 100% post-industrial recycled paper and infused with a hardy mix of wildflower seeds.

Good news!  Businesses need be not be worried about any longer. BrandedItems promotional products offers items in thier catalogue of Eco promotional products that are both Earth Friendly and Earth Conscious products. From personalized pens that have been made with recycled plastic they can give out to potential clients to biodegradable coffee cups that can be used in the workplace.
eco promotional products
Eco Friendly material corn ball pen, made of corn starch organic materials, colored grip, wonderful promotion for your company with your logo imprint. Degradable barrel makes job low carbon.

Ordering in bulk will yield businesses more affordable item costs and business owners can rest assured they will be doing something good for the environment, their clients, and for their business.

I urge all business owners to step back today and ask themselves, "What small thing can you change to Green Up Your Business? "

All items featured available at BrandedItems click here for Eco promotional products

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Chelsea Richards said...

I love the idea of “Green Up Your Business” and surely with the help of the kids we will going to spend these holidays with a lot of fun…

touhid alam said...
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touhid alam said...

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Fateul Hossain Kiash said...

Eco friendly promotional products are really friendly fro our earth.You gave a awesome idea of green up your business.Thanks.
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Jordan chase said...

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Promotional Products Supplier said...

Promotions work best when they are centered to a major benefit. Thank you for providing these ideas.

Greg Smith said...

I love ur items .This is great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!
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Adalina Abella said...

Using Eco friendly products is one of the best way to control the pollution and make our environment pure & clean. But actually, the use also dependent upon to us that what kind of gifts we are looking for. When we are going to give a gift to our friends or colleague then we firstly think which would be the best and useful. Anyways, thank you for the post.

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