Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Down to Earth Fare Nutrition Coaching Vegan Recipes

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Down to Earth Fare offers a plant based diet and nutritional coaching!

Eating Healthy:  Holiday Mayhem

The holidays are on us! Many of you are wondering how to eat healthier. I hear constantly how people are trying to stave themselves in order to make room for that "big holiday meal" which is not healthy for your system.  Take a good hard look at your eating habits. Are you getting headaches?  (This could be from additives in your food).  Do your joints hurt and body ache? (This could be from lack of nutrients.)  Perhaps it's the perfect time of year to make lifestyle changes. Your resolution this New Year's could be to work with a Nutritionist to finally break free of those bad eating habits.

Down to Earth Fare Founder

Down To Earth Fare Nutrition Coaching says, "Everyday we hear more about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Unfortunately, too often, learning to eat a healthy, well-balanced plant-based diet is challenging and difficult.  We make it easy with customized coaching, menus, recipes and information."

They offer: 
  • Painless weight loss plan
  • Plant-based nutrition coaching
  • A way to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes
  • Vegan recipes
Wealth of Information

Their blog / website Down to Earth Fare is a wealth of resources on recipes, eating healthy, and living green. 

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