Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kevin Frank Boasts Vancouver Is Greenest City

vancouver goes green
Vancouver: Looks big but is very green. Photo courtesy of Kevin Frank's listing here.
Vancouver is Light Years Ahead in Green

Just the other day, I was discussing with realtor Kevin Frank, how Vancouver is one of the "greenest" cities on the planet..  He explained to me, that Vancouver has implemented strong initiatives to be "the top greenest city" by 2020.

In review, their online "Greenest City Action Plan" is well thought out and covers everything from reducing waste to building greener building structures. It essentially is a three tier action plan implementing zero carbon, zero waste and promotes healthy ecosystems.  I only wish that my city believed with every action, there should have a positive reaction.  Can you imagine if your city did that?

Vancouver Green Property Development 

Kevin reminded me that Vancouver Real Estate is helping immensely in this initiative.  According to the city of Vancouver, they want to be the top in green property development and renovating. This includes greener homes according to their "Green Homes Program" which intends to cut electricity use by 33% in all new homes by 2020. That's a huge feat considering it's less than a decade away.  They are striving for carbon neutral homes.

Kevin Frank
If Kevin Frank sells real estate in the Greenest City on Earth, this could make him the greenest realtor ever!

Eco Homes and Green Property, Get a Green Realtor!

If you are shopping for Vancouver Real Estate,  an Eco Home or a greener place to live, call Kevin Frank who can show you the greenest city on earth!

Kevin Frank

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Email: info@kevinfrank.ca

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