Saturday, December 22, 2012

Organic Bed Bug Killer

Pestek: Their organic products are proven effective treatment of pests. 
Finally a solution that's organic.
all organic pestek
This organic bed bug killer is made from natural occurring diatoms.

This organic bed bug killer  is made of "DIATOMACEOUS EARTH" also known as silicon dioxide. It's a naturally occurring soft and crumbly sedimentary rock which is named as such since it contains fossil remains of diatoms.   
Wow! Old algae kills bugs?
This is a type of algae made of silica or silicon dioxide. This proves as great treatment against the bugs! Ironically, since it's all natural,  the insects can't form a resistance to it like they can with other harsh chemicals.   Imagine, killing bugs with fossilized remains or algae from millions of years ago.   Organic insect killer never sounded better! 
bug killer organic
Organic bed bug killer.

Pretty cool huh? Now you can zap those little buggers with a go-green feeling. Pestek sells a full line of do it yourself pest control kits, and even gives you great tips on getting rid of bed bugs and other pests on their faq page. 

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