Friday, December 14, 2012

Permaculture : Green Agriculture Movement @PaulWheaton

Permaculture is quickly spreading as if it's a new religion. One community's videos having over 2.5 million views! It's basic key principals date back to the 1970's.  It's concepts are simple, to respect the earth, with green design in mind--building key ecological systems that allow for living off the land. A sustainable agriculture movement perhaps, wherein "The Permies" respect one another, and share the wealth (or surplus) with others. 
Imagine not having to rely on mass produced or unhealthy foods any longer. Imagine living in a community where your neighbor brings you apples that haven't been sprayed with unhealthy chemicals. In exchange, you take them fresh corn.   Isn't that the key principals of our ancestors?  It's so much more than that--sharing ways to help live greener, tips and tricks for reducing your carbon footprint, and just being KIND.
Paul Wheaton, courtesy:
 This movement is further being "permeated" so to speak, by King of the Online Permies, Paul Wheaton, who runs the largest online Permaculture forums. The Permies are the "Do-Gooders" of the environment.  The site Permies,com has an online forum where you can find out anything about growing, homesteading, raising your critters or find valuable resources. You can spend more time worrying about how to make the earth a greener and more sustainable place, than being "mad at the bad guys."

Paul Wheaton says, "The permaculture community is about building a better world one brick at a time, instead of being angry at bad guys.  Permaculture is about having a deep romance with nature. the benefits include a bounty of fresh food without irrigation or fertilizer.  This website is saving the world."

We couldn't agree more. In fact, you can click on the Permies link on the right side of this blog.

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Sources:  About PermiesLiving Green   The Missoulian

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