Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Renew Your Kitchen the Eco Friendly Way

Painting Kitchen Cabinets
KitchenDoorCentre offers this great way to repaint your kichen cabinets and save the landfills!
Painting Kitchen Doors and Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A company in Bristol, UK has been in the furniture refinishing biz for over 20 years. They are urging people to become more eco friendly and green by refacing their own kitchen cabinet doors via paint. That's right, saving your cabinet faces rather than ripping them out and replacing them. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets according to them, is way to restore and renew your kitchen to brand new, without taking out your old kitchen and throwing it away. 

Support the Local Economy and Your Own Maneuverability

Let's face it, most of us have our kitchens completely figured out. It's this-goes-here and that-goes-there and we can function just fine. What if you could take that dull and drab kitchen and give it a cosmetic makeover?  What essentially happens is:

  •  You are saving the cabinetry from going into a landfill  (you've just gone green)
  •  Restoring the originality of your home (you've just kept it's charm)
  •  Supporting a local business by hiring them to handle the renovations (you are practicing sustainability)

Sounds good to me.  My only complaint?  I just wish these guys were in the USA.  If you are in the UK, call the Kitchen Door Centre for a Free Estimate    0800 157 7405  or  0117 318 0848

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MadisonLee said...

Great piece of information..Very interesting one..

Woody said...

LOVE that kitchen is the way to go!


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