Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Green Rocking Horses Stevenson Brothers Reducing Carbon Footprints

stevenson brothers rocking horses
Photo Credit:  Stevenson Brothers  , This Rocking Horse Is the Arab Horse
This Rocking Horse is Green, Literally.

It's nice to know that a company can start small, and grow large but keep their green and sustainable values. The Stevenson brothers are twins in the United Kingdom that have been handcrafting rocking horses since the 1980's. No matter how big and fancy they get, they keep in mind ways to reduce waste and live green.

rocking horses stevenson brothers uk
Photo Credit: Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses
Steps to Stay Green

Stevenson Brothers rocking horses are made from locally grown wood, wherever possible, to minimize the carbon footprint. All horses are made by hand using traditional methods; no machinery is used in crafting the horse. Can you imagine that, just look at them for knowing they are 100% handmade is truly amazing.
hand crafted rocking horse
Photo Credit: Stevenson Brothers, this is the 30th Anniversary Dapple Horse.

Replenishing Trees : From the UK with Love

On top of that each year at Christmas, Stevenson Brothers send an oak tree to a number of their customers which they can plant to replace the wood used in the making of their rocking horse. It's true.  American companies could sure learn a lot from these folks. Kudos to you United Kingdom guys. Check them out at StevensonBrothers and read how they've grown. Shouldn't they win the green company of the year award or something like that ? 

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