Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicago Illinois Enviro Green Carpet Cleaning

What's this? A Chicago based company in Tinley Park, Illinois called Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning now offers environmentally friendly carpet cleaning. That's right. Chris Wharry started the business when he wanted more for his own carpets. He was tired of the harsh chemicals being used that were harmful to not on the environment, but probably his pets and children. 

He found greener cleaning solutions and took this idea to a business. Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning utilizes solutions which are certified environmentally friendly and non-toxic by the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency and the Carpet and Rug Institute

His company services all over Chicago and parts of Illinois. You can read more here

I surely hope other carpet cleaning services nationwide can follow after Chris' trendsetting green ways. 


Karly Mittens said...

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Mari williams said...

Good news. Using Environment friendly products and avoiding harmful chemical is such a great though. Thanks for sharing such nice info that is really very beneficial to all. All the best for your company.

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Kurt Harris said...

Nice initiative I must agree to that apart from Chicago and Illinois if some one looking for starting their own business related to Eco friendly carpet cleaning is also one company which offers franchisee options for people looking for being entrepreneurs.

Radag Shed said...

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carpetcleaning said...

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carpet cleaner said...

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Juleanansau01 said...

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