Saturday, March 30, 2013

Low Calorie Tips for Holiday and Everyday

vintage calories diet exercise from SewKnotMe
Vintage Calorie Linen on Etsy at SewKnotMe
Diets , Calories, Over-Eating, and Holidays

Are you one of those folks who say "Oh no, a big dinner at Uncle Steve's" and worry about overeating on the holiday, instead of enjoying the family get togethers and celebrating the holidays?  You aren't alone. Most of us worry just the same.

Here's a few slenderizing tips to help you:

  • Don't go on an empty stomach. Starving yourself all day isn't going to curb your craving or make you eat any less. In fact you are doing worse for your body. You are telling your body to store those fat calories instead of burn them!
  • Eat small portions and eat often. It's a proven fact that if you nibble throughout the day, this help burn calories and boost metabolism. 
  •  If you want dessert, eat it, but cut the portion in half or thirds. Sometimes is really is mind over matter. Having that little nibble rather than none may fill you up more so than if you weren't having it at all. 
  • Drink lots of water, skip the sodas and sugary beverages. Sodium in the low-calorie sodas may fuel your appetite and thirst, whereas water will fill you up a bit quicker and help flush your system. Too much salt can mess with your blood pressure and fluid retention...who needs that?
recycled blender industrialrewind on etsy
Look at this Recycled Blender by IndustrialRewind on Etsy. Can't make shakes but can see at night!
Shake This 

You may also want to change over to a low-calorie diet shake diet a few days before or after the "big meal".  Find the diet shakes that help you increase nutrients, and "good carbs".  Now don't go blending up tons of sugary sweets and ice cream and think you are doing something.  There is a very important balance between having enough carbs, having too many carbs, and not enough carbs. Finding the happy medium is key--to ensure your body is burning the stored (fat) carbs but still obtaining important nutrients.
Shake that Weight
VLCD Shakes : Here is a fine balance of low calorie and "good for you" shakes.

Leave it up to the professionals.  Many shakes that say "low calorie" are high in carbs and calories and that you don't want. Some low calorie shakes really taste like chalk, and you can't suffer through that. Do your product research first.  Products such as VLCD Shakes have gotten very good diet shake reviews . It's a very low calorie diet shake taken 3 times a day as a meal replacement but then you still eat one meal a day.

Beware of: 
  • Diet plans that don't allow you to eat
  • Shakes that are high in caloric content.
  • Shakes loaded with sugar or carbs. 
  • Shakes that suggest you do nothing, when exercise is always a plus!



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