Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Magnet Pad Mattress Green and Eco Friendly

Magnet Pad Bed Mattress Alternative Herling
Magnet Pad is a new form of mattress promoting alternative healing, read why.
New Mattress called "Magnet Pad" Helps Heal Naturally

Magnet Pad is a new form of mattress that takes alternative health and healing in mind. It is specially designed with new technology that is unique to this mattress.  The secret is a 7 zone bio magnetic core (that's right, magnets) which  have proven effective helping relieve back pain and arthritis.

Magnet Pad is designed to promote, sustain, and enhance your Chakras. Many Magnet Pads have been purchased for Pain Relief, Back Conditions, Arthritis, Anti-Inflammatory, Circulation, Hip Problems, Stress and Pressure Relief, Sleep and for Pure Comfort.

This is the Go Green Mattress

The makers (who are called Magnet Bed) have also went "green" and "eco friendly" because they have come out with the world's first 100% organic latex mattress. Yes, you heard right.  Their 100% Certified Organic Latex represents a return to safe and sustainable practices. Believe it or not, it's grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals.


Find out more about their company's mission and vision here, or read more about their Magnet Pad.  If that isn't grand enough, they even have a Magnet Bed.

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