Thursday, April 11, 2013

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To follow up on the previous post, and on the wings of eating and living healthy,  I found this great raw vegan blog. It's called "FresherThanLife  ".  This site gives you a practical approach to obtaining, understanding, and starting a raw vegan lifestyle.You can read their story here. One of the big benefits of a raw food diet  is that you are not eating anything processed.You are technically eating uncooked foods--aka food is in its natural state, without have been treated thereby eliminiating all the hazards that goes with chemicals that are put on foods to process them.

You don't see Rabbit and Friends eating processed foods do you? Courtesy: Etsy shop theChineseLaundry

I suppose this is the way nature intended us to eat foods, we are technically mammals whether we agree with this theory or not and technically you don't see a rabbit, squirrel or lion chemically treating, processing, or cooking their food now do you? The raw vegan lifestyle is worth a try for those looking to lose weight, gain more energy, or get more fit. Here is one story about a super athlete! Some cases people report that this type of eating makes them look younger (years younger than their ages.)

If anyone is eating raw or vegan can you please leave comments.


Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Raw foods are the way to go...and if you start children out on them early, they will always enjoy a healthy snack!

Blogger said...

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