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Island Superfoods Cancer Prevention Eating Healthy

Island Superfoods
Superfoods aid in living healthy and preventing (and sometimes curing) illnesses.

Cancer and Superfoods : Quality of Life
by Ira Mency

In case you didn't know, for the past six months,  I've been doing all sorts of research on cancer prevention, natural supplements and remedies that are given to cancer patients in lieu of chemotherapy for cancer.  I could write a college thesis for you on this topic.  After cancer took my grandfather, my grandmother, and two years ago my own mother, my dog was diagnosed within days of my mom passing.  I decided enough was enough. Therefore, when it was time, I tried this "alternative healthy protocol" with my basset hound.   I know it sounds crazy, but I charted his progress, you can read about it here.   Even though he will eventually succumb to the disease, (he's almost 13 past the expected lifespan of a basset hound ) his quality of life is off the charts.

This is Buford. My dog has cancer. His coat is shiny and he runs and plays at almost 13 years old.

All Because of Superfoods vs Chemotherapy

This came about because I read a blog called Copper's Journey, and they posted pictures of the dog going through cancer and you could see the chemo and radiation draining the dog.  I've seen the treatment drain my grandmother, and grandfather, and truly blame the chemo and stress and depleted immune system for taking my mom's life. She actually survived her operation and was declared cancer free (even her nodes) and after we celebrated in the hospital she passed later that night . Her system was exhausted.

My dog is two months shy of age 13 he jumps, runs, plays and gallops. He does not know the cancer is inside him and still we have not put him. Oddly the cancer he has, is in less than 2% of dogs even though his breed usually succumbs to lymphoma.  Had I given him chemotherapy or radiation after the initial surgery, it would have hindered his quality of life and most likely due to 97% chances his system would have been so drained, and it would have recurred anyhow.  I would never have had him this long.  The fact of the matter is, I was successful in extending his life in a high quality manner with superfoods. The last four months have been the best of his life. This is only thanks to having a diet rich in superfoods .

Keep reading to find out what tumeric can do for you
Many things found in Island Superfoods are the same ingredients I was giving to my dog - tumeric and natural flavanoids from fruits that helped oxygenating his blood. Had I found out about this earlier in his case,  I guarantee he'd have a few more months with me.  It's already amazing that he's a cancer dog yet runs and plays (not even an inch of arthritis) .

Imagine if I would have started him on a Superfoods Diet as a Puppy.  

Humans: Arm Yourself!

So I'm thinking, I should tell humans what they should be doing to do some preventative care before it's too late. Quality of life these days is what it's all about.  There are things that natural has put here to help us battle everything from not being able to focus to joint pain. I am a firm believer that the water we drink, the trade winds, and the air we breathe, the chemical factory down the street is causing us cancer and illness.  Big pharma may disagree with me, but I think you should always arm your body with Superfoods. That's your weapon! I am a firm believer in this, and if you don't believe me just ask my dog. He's still here to tell you.

Island Superfoods

Island Superfoods and I recently had a conversation. They agreed with me that obesity and cancer are just two of the awful diseases on the rise in our country. This is what they had to say, "Our goal is to help everyday people make small changes to improve their health and well being."
noni fire
The Truth About Noni Fruit and Juices

Surely you've hard all the good and bad hub-bub about juice from the noni fruit. The key factors that affect this product are the way in which they are combined into a "superfood". Noni fruit itself, is wonderful, if it's naturally grown. Chemically altered noni fruit or juice full of sugar and fructose to make it taste better is just not worthy.

The difference here is the folks at Island Superfoods have hit the nail on the head with  Noni Fire.  This is because they have combines real Hawaiian noni juice, Hawaiian red turmeric, and Hawaiian yellow ginger. When these items are combined, this juice has the power of aiding digestion, oxygenating your blood, and boosting your immune system. That is exactly what I did with my dog! Cancer can't thrive in oxygenated systems , and he had tumeric in his tummy every night.

A nutritional powerhouse, supplying readily absorbable life-sustaining food for instantaneous cellular renewal
Marine Phytoplankton: Cellular renewal, helps boost your immune system, a dab will do ya!

Here's some more great things.  It's called cellular renewal. I actually took him somewhere to get him "cell renewed" which was chaos, (bio-puncture and cell renewal treatments ) because I didn't know about Marine Phytoplankton. This  is an oxygen rich superfood that has lowered the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, and ADHD among others. It's grown at a plant in Canada, eliminating the toxins found in the ocean, while providing you with the best nutrition you can find. Sad to say that you can't trust some sources --where you obtain the items are super important. Before ordering anything for my dog I literally called companies and demanded to know where it was sourced.
glow island superfoods
Among other things, this helps with anti-inflammatory issues and is safer than Ibuprofen!

Before You Pop An Ibuprofen:

There is another product they have called Glow.  It's a combination of 35 powerful ingredients including probiotics and enzymes, helping promote healthy circulation, boost your immune system, and encourage healthy skin, hair, and nails.  I wish I would have given that to Buford.

Visit their IslandSuperFoods Store today. 

Note: These are my personal opinions and based on my free right amendment. We need to stop researching cancer and find a cure.


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