Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Organic Gift Guide For Health and Fitness

organic healthy green tea at Etsy shop AmykeDesign
Photo: Etsy , AmykeDesign, green teal.
We found these great offerings on Etsy, to improve your health and fitness. Since the holidays are here, nothing like making your New Years Resolutions NOW!

Energize Yourself Naturally

Caffeinated organic green tea infused with B vitamins and Amino Acids.delicious green tea! Available at AmykeDesign for $12.95 it makes up to 24 cups. She says, "This handcrafted recipe is naturally caffeinated, helps increase your metabolism, which encourages an active healthy lifestyle and is packed full of great necessities that your body craves."

Etsy : Sugar Bakers Bakery  Acai Berry Bars
Pic: Etsy, SugarBakers Bakery, Healthy Weight Loss Bars, See Below
 Feed Your Sweets Craving With Something Good

SugarBakersBakery on Etsy  offers a once a day weight loss bar, shipped to you  priority mail and individually wrapped. This costs you $75 for a month's supply, but their bars offer Papaya. Brindle and Acai Berries, and are Freshly Baked !  Said to crave and cut hunger, the components are associated with health and weight loss.

hippiemom 333 on etsy offers organic sleep aids
Photo: Etsy's HippieMom333, read why you need this below

Get Plenty of Sleep and Stay Stress Free

It's a proven fact lack of sleep and stress helps you maintain your fat, get rid of it by eliminating the "I can't sleep" or "I'm stressed out" syndrome. HippieMom333 creates great tinctures, and the best part is they are alcohol free!  This stress and relaxation one is only $11. She says, "Take 20-40 drops (depending on body weight) about 30 minutes before bed. You can mix into water, tea, juice, or take under your tongue.  All organic ingredients including: Vegetable Glycerine, Valerian, Hops, Hibiscus Flowers, Chamomile & Mugwort ".  She has plenty of other natural remedies, too.

MommyBellyWrap on Etsy melts fat doing normal things
Organic cotton wraps at MommyBellyWrap on Etsy, see below

Tone Muscles With an Organic Cotton Wrap

Although the store above is geared towards postpartum and new moms, the sheer idea of the organic cotton wrap is a miraculous one. First of all, this is all natural cotton so your skin can BREATHE. In ancient days the ladies wrapped their tummies with fibers to melt away excess fat and re-tone the skin by firmly holding the muscles in place. Now it appears you can do the same.  For $38.99 at MommyBellyWrap  this is must have for someone trying to lose weight. Unlike other wraps this is ORGANIC COTTON and would be  great to wear while you are walking, working, or running to the store.  The store has 100% positive reviews. This is a best kept secret!

working out on etsy with phalonmarie store
Etsy shop: Phalon Marie read more below

Incorporate More Exercise Per Day

If you exercise now, even just a little, or maybe not at all, you still have room to improve your health and fitness goals for 2013. If you can't afford to hire a personal trainer, or even join the gym, why not do exercises in the comfort of your own home? PhalonMarie makes it super easy with five prinatable exercise routinest that target your abs, arms and butt for just $7.50. You have to start somewhere and this is a great investment. What are you waiting for?

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