Saturday, January 31, 2015

Woodsy Decor for the Nature Lover Tree Hugger

MarkedCo Woods Decal
Found on  this woodsy decal adds depth to the wall for $28.00,

If you love the woods, nature walks or just love to hike, we've found the best natural decor ideas for you. All from crafters who sell on Etsy (some also in their own stores) at affordable prices.  Above we have a great "Pleasure in the woods" decal from Karen Simpson, who sells on Etsy but also direct at  She handmakes her decals and feel that instead of spending tons of money on paint.

Pine Tree Print

Vintage Pine Tree Print from Etsy , TheBlackVinyl $15

The print above is reprinted on eco friendly paper taken from an 1800's print. This would look great hanging in your home to give a woodsy feel. 

Birch Log Pillow from Etsy
Plantillo Birch Log Pillows $60

The log pillows above are what happens when Sabine Herrman takes nature photography and turns them into functional items.  Hunting down cool things with her camera in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, you never know what may turn into something decorative and that you can rest your head on!
Lakehouse Sign on Etsy

Lake House Sign , Benchmark Custom Signs $39.95

Cool lake signs can adorn your home handmade in a variety of woods (ie: Custom Sign) from Benchmark Custom Signs on Etsy. They started some time ago making great signs on high quality woods. Phil has the fastest ship time on Etsy and don't be fooled by imitations.  A variety of sizes and styles can be great for inside the home or outside, to welcome people to your cottage!

Eco Friendly Childs Blanket Etsy

From masacoche shop, $65 repurposed kids blanket

We love the eco friendly repurposed wool blanket for your child in retro colors, adorned with cute woodsy animals sure to please!  Not to mention would go with any cottage or natural decor in great hues and earthy tones!

Reclaimed Wood Desk
Reclaimed Wood Desktop $500 FreshRestorations

Old floorboards have been restored into a variety of desktops and tabletops by Fresh Restorations, in Bound Brook New Jersey.   This could prove as a functional workspace, tabletop or focal point in your shabby home!


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LOVE the rustic, woodland inspired decor! What a fabulous and inspiring article! :-)

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