Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Save Energy Odor Killing Bulbs Go Green

Odor Killing Bulbs kill germs too!
Odor Killing Bulbs Kill Germs too. 

Save Energy with these new bulbs!  Check this out for an odor free house . This is interesting, those with pets, germs and messy smells can now get a new bulb that eliminates odors.

Now , these compact fluorescent bulbs are approved by the FDA and said to kill germs and bacteria as well as MRSA, swine and bird flu! How does one bulb do this? It saves energy and gives your home or office a smaller greenhouse foot print.

According to the website, the odor killing bulbs actually santize the air by killing microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold spores and nasty dust mites without having to use spray or harmful chemicals.

They are coated with a sanitized next generation coating which decomposes the organisms.

More info:  

Read about them here to get an odor free house. 
Or, buy them here.

SaniBulb™ Air Sanitizer CFL Bulbs
EcoSmart | EnergySmart | HealthSmart
KILLS Deadly Viruses & Bacteria
DESTROYS Toxic Pollutants & Allergens
ELIMINATES Tough Unpleasant Odors
IMPROVES Indoor Air Quality & Health
SAVES Money & Lasts 10x Longer
REDUCES 75% Energy & Footprint
FIGHTS Pollution & Global Warming
PROVIDES Instant Flicker Free Light


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