Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tundrada Nature Arctic Inspired Gifts

Moss Basket On Etsy

Tundrada on Etsy has the best Eco made gifts!

Shopping for unique gifts on Etsy can be as easy as one, two three. First look for the shops who take pride in making handmade items. Case in point, we've found Tundrada who has a unique flair from the Arctic !  Her shop is based in Enontekio, Finland.  Shop owner Eline Niemi takes pride in her goods. 

1. Above:  Tree Moss Baskets are made of real moss collected in Finnish forrest. What a great way to reuse the earth!  Price $29.49     2.  Below:  Natural Leaf Card has a real pressed leaf in it, for only $2.86.

Natural Leaf Card

The store is filled with rustic items that will fit in any part of the home. Even better, all the materials are sourced via local woods, so these are truly eco friendly items that are handmade and one of a kind! 

Antler Coat Rack
Antler Coat Rack: REINDEER!

You will also find things you just don't see here in the states, yet shipping is available to the states.

 3. Above:  Coat Rack $49.71 made from Reindeer? 

Support this Etsy shop now:  Tundrada

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