Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Great Upcycled Gifts from Etsy

Old Silverware makes upcycled Cheese Markers from Etsy
These old utensils have found a new use at Curbside Pickins set $20

Upcycled & Recycled Love 

These gifts are great for any time of year. Upcycling starts with using items and repurposing them into something else. Lisa and Andy from Charlottesville Virginia have found good use for old utensils.  They also use old encyclopedias to make pendants and ornaments as well.  Who would have thought mismatched 
silverware would look so great? 

Eco Friendly Freckles Upcycled Canister
Pop Art Canister would look great in the art room Eco Friendly Freckles $95

Jessica from Oklahoma takes old cans and makes them into functional art canisters, great for storing your gardening , sewing , or craft supplies. With a pop art look these would make great one of a kind gifts! In her shop you will also find upcycled cassette tape business card holders!  

RetroGrandma Upcycled CookBook Purse
RetroGrandma Upcycled CookBook Purse $45 

RetroGrandma has been upcycling cool things on Etsy for sometime, including records into functional clocks. This cookbook purse is not only funky but would make a statement for the chef in your life. Imagine the comments you would get.  Her items are made with love from Canada. 

HodthePods Fire Hose Coasters
HodthePods uses old firehose to make these coasters $24.95

Fireeeee!!!! Well, there goes the fireman hose, upcycled into functional art coasters to hold your tasty beverage. A set of four run you $24.95 and have a great look to them. Not all are stenciled but the material makes them look so retro and great for your home!  Felted back and great guy gift! Made by Mike from HodthePods a shop out of  New Jersey. 

Paint Mirror on Etsy shop Rebecca Steen Crafts
Rebecca Steen Crafts Paint Mirror $55

How cool is this? Paint scraps that were left over on Rebecca's palette would be scraped into the trash can, or tiny dried remnants otherwise unused, have been affixed to this 12x12 mirror and would look great for the art room!   What a way to upcycled, from Riverside, California.

Etsy has a great plethora of upcycled and recycled gifts!



benilhalk said...

I love such antique stuff and always try to use them in my parties or opt for such party venues which have historic interiors. Just a week ago bought lot of stuff from Etsy for my sister’s bridal shower as I am going to arrange things there.

Jessica Woody said...

Fabulous Upcycled Etsy Gift Finds!! Thank you Cindy for featuring my hand-painted upcycled decoupage art canister from my Eco-Friendly Freckles Etsy shop!


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