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This page is brought to you by Ira Mency. As an online entrepreneur and Etsy seller, I just had to put everything in once place!  If you have a helpful link or have written a tutorial, have a product or service that you want listed or find broken links, contact me . Last updated 3.5.15

All You Need in One Place!
Team Related Links
Etsy Forum on Etsy On Etsy
Facebook Facebook Team Page
Flickr Flickr Photos
Team Shop Etsy Shop Closed 
Twitter Team Twitter
Buy Items With Our Tag "RecycleGuild" Find it here RECYCLEGUILD
Donate for Team Giveaway Contact Cindy at RetroChalet 
Contact Team Captain Contact Jessica at Eco Friendly Freckles
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Etsy Shop Help
Selling on Etsy Do's and Don'ts on Etsy
HELP on Etsy - Search for Anything! Etsy Official Help Home Page
Free Shop Banners for Etsy Shop Everything Etsy
Free Vintage Style Shop Banners  Free Etsy Banners
Tagging Your Items Use all 14 on Handemadeology
Photography Help Tutorial by An Blath Paipeir 
Photography Basic Free Services  (Use Free Features like Boost)
How to Get Studio Quality Photos At Home by Anna From House of Mouse
Etsy Storque Blog - Read and Learn Quit Your Day Job Series
Etsy Marriage = Best Promotion  by Ira Mency on Handmadeology
When Business is Slow on Handemadeology by Tim Adam
Creating Etsy Coupons for Your Shop Etsy How to Create a Coupon
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Pay if Forwards  (What is a PIF?) Read How to Here by Ira Mency
Three Sites for Giveaways Read it here by Ira Mency
Running an Etsy Business Everything Etsy Helpful Articles
Etsy Apps for Shop Owners Etsy Apps
Treasury Making 101  Correct Way by Heather Lewis
Embed Your Treasury Into Your Blog or Web Free Tool on Whale Shark
Find out How Many Treasuries You Were In By Craftcult
Etsy Offiical Guide to SEO on Etsy
Automatically Renew Your Listings by Handmadeology
Vintage Selling Marketing Tips by Handmadeology
Add A Wee "Pocket Shop" to Your Site or Blog Pocket Shop by CraftCult
Find out What Your Inventory is Worth Etsy Hacks
Etsy Apps (All of 'em) Etsy Apps
Selling Online, Free Ideas and Tools to Grow Your Business
*duplicated from above
Branding Your Business on Handemadeology by Tim Adam
Before You Advertise on that Blog... on Handmadeology
Real Results Advertising : Get Bag for Your Buck Read it Here Coming Soon by Ira Mency

Submit Your Blog Site to Online Listings (most free)
Why Do Work
Photography Help/Lighting* Tutorial by An Blath Paipeir 
Photography Free Services* Guide to Picnik by Ira Mency 
Twitter Jargon and Explanation Webopedia
TweetDeck Application Get it here!
Facebook : Pick an Easy URL Username! Go Here to Get It.
Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Blog by Mark Bennett
Understanding RSS Feeds By Brent Rings
Understanding Google Analytics By Creative Design
Google Analytics to View Traffic Sources Proof in Analytics by Ira Mency
Sites You Can Submit Your Blog to For Free 50 Sites (*skip any paid ones!)
Understanding Backlinks (and Importance of) Importance of Backlinks by Fine Heart
Building Backlinks by Writing Articles
Do you Heart, too?

Building Backlinks by Forum Posting by M. Rooney
Link Exchange for Backlink Building (free-5/day) Link Market-Coming Soon
Services to Help You (Paid) 
Advertise- Anything Etsy Related!

Everything Etsy

Advertise: Handmade Community, Etsy, Large Readership

Advertise on Willowing if you have Art,Supplies, Healing 

Advertise $$$$$ but Large Readership

List Your Vintage Business

Purchase and Register your own Domain
Info to Help You On Etsy - For Anything CHEAP in this shop click on photo!
Blog Redesign (Blogger Only), Graphics

Vintage Clothing Appraisels

What do you sell? List it here. Contact us.
What do you sell?  List it here. Contact us.


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