Sunday, June 21, 2015

Eco Friendly Vegan Dog and Cat Products

Delta talks about her products, note the pet bed (below) made from recycled soda bottles!

Living life by going greener, wanting to be "eco friendly" doesn't have to just be for the humans in your household. What about your furry friends?  Eco Dogs And Cats, a pet website run by Delta Farrington, who has been a true vegan for over 27 years decided to launch her own business offering products she would use.  None of the products are made in China. She was featured on this Youtube video (above) talking a about the various items she offers that are eco friendly for dogs and cats. 
Dog or Cat Eco Bed by west paw
This pet bed uses recycled soda bottles for the (inside) stuffing.  The outside is organic cotton. See it here.

Vegan Dog and Cat Food

Vegan cat and dog food kibbles available here.

One thing a pet owner can rest assured knowing is none of the products come from China.   The Ami pet food, which is a kibble vegan dog or cat food free of GMO's or slaughterhouse biproducts is made in Italy and for the first time available in the USA ! You'll find dog toys are made from Hemp and unlike mass produced unsafe products you'll know what your friends are chewing on.   

Organically Grown Cat Nip
Organically grown cat nip is free of toxic chemicals, sprays, so your furry feline is safe from unpleasant chemical effects. Packaged in these pretty tins.
Eco Dogs and Cats

Delta says, I practice what I preach. My cat Simba has been a vegan since we adopted her and my dog Hannah for 10 years. Our household, including our three animal companions, eat natural and organic, humane and cruelty free, vegan foods."

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Editors note: Although the article is our own and we've chosen our favorite items from Eco Dogs and Cats, this is a sponsored post. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Nearer Nature Nature Herbal Hair Oil

natural Hair Treatment
Nearer Nature Divine Herbal Hair Oil $38.74
Nearer Nature Store

Today we're found eco friendly not tested on animals Divine Herbal Hair oils, a bottle of which can last up to three months. Based in the UK, we found this product at  Nearer Nature  doesn't load their store with "fake green products" but instead hand selects and tests them on subscribers before releasing them to the market. 

It's true, a growing number of people are fed up with the abundance of beauty and personal care products on the market that may contain harmful ingredients and not knowing which products or brands to trust.  Just because something says "green" or "eco friendly" is it really? 

Nearer Nature
Natural Oils and Ingredients Hold Claims to Strengthen and Thicken vs Chemicals

This divine hair oil infuses 21 different essential and botanical carrier oils and 10 botanical extracts to stimulate hair growth. Penetrating deep into the scalp it is said to repair damaged hair follicles which may help hair to grow stronger and more healthy.   What's more it's produced in small batch quantities in the UK. 

One bottle retails for 24.95 pounds which equates to about $38.74 for a bottle, keep in mind this repair lasts for up to three months!  

This is a great way to :

• Helps to promote thicker, healthier and shinier hair. 
• Helps to prevent hair loss. 
• Works to improve hair volume. 
• Helps to increase hair strength and elasticity. 
• Works to alleviate dandruff and other scalp conditions.
Find out about this item here. 

Visit the store here:  Nearer Nature

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bake Sale Held for Local Tornado Relief

  My sister, Jessica Woody with Eco-Friendly Freckles, and I (Andrea Scott with Storybook Artifact) held a local bake sale this last weekend to help raise funds for two families who lost their homes due to an EF2 tornado that recently struck my neighborhood.  It was amazing to see who all came out to support us: such a caring community of people.  We also collected other donations: children's clothing and supplies.  My children even helped us out too; with my son dressed as our little mascot in firefighter costume, and my daughter sampling the cookies.

FOX23 News Coverage of Bake Sale:

Bake sale held for Broken Arrow tornado relief

TulsaWorld Article on Supported Families:

Residents clean up following tornados, severe storms 

  From the home baked treats contributed by caring locals to the generous donations made from those within our community, it has been such a miraculous thing to see so many people who care.  We may not all personally know these families, but their stories do touch us in a way that hits home. ... A goal was really never made, but we did break $1000! To be exact: $1092, which gives $546 to each of the two families whom we were raising funds for. ... Thank you all for the support and we'd like to specially thank: FOX23 News, Tulsa's Channel 8, BA Homeschoolers, members of Destiny Church, Gavco Plastics, Red's Pizzeria, Oneta Wine & Spirits, and Broken Arrow Firefighters.

This blog article was contributed by the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Leader Andrea Scott of Storybook Artifact

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tundrada Nature Arctic Inspired Gifts

Moss Basket On Etsy

Tundrada on Etsy has the best Eco made gifts!

Shopping for unique gifts on Etsy can be as easy as one, two three. First look for the shops who take pride in making handmade items. Case in point, we've found Tundrada who has a unique flair from the Arctic !  Her shop is based in Enontekio, Finland.  Shop owner Eline Niemi takes pride in her goods. 

1. Above:  Tree Moss Baskets are made of real moss collected in Finnish forrest. What a great way to reuse the earth!  Price $29.49     2.  Below:  Natural Leaf Card has a real pressed leaf in it, for only $2.86.

Natural Leaf Card

The store is filled with rustic items that will fit in any part of the home. Even better, all the materials are sourced via local woods, so these are truly eco friendly items that are handmade and one of a kind! 

Antler Coat Rack
Antler Coat Rack: REINDEER!

You will also find things you just don't see here in the states, yet shipping is available to the states.

 3. Above:  Coat Rack $49.71 made from Reindeer? 

Support this Etsy shop now:  Tundrada


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