Saturday, January 31, 2015

Woodsy Decor for the Nature Lover Tree Hugger

MarkedCo Woods Decal
Found on  this woodsy decal adds depth to the wall for $28.00,

If you love the woods, nature walks or just love to hike, we've found the best natural decor ideas for you. All from crafters who sell on Etsy (some also in their own stores) at affordable prices.  Above we have a great "Pleasure in the woods" decal from Karen Simpson, who sells on Etsy but also direct at  She handmakes her decals and feel that instead of spending tons of money on paint.

Pine Tree Print

Vintage Pine Tree Print from Etsy , TheBlackVinyl $15

The print above is reprinted on eco friendly paper taken from an 1800's print. This would look great hanging in your home to give a woodsy feel. 

Birch Log Pillow from Etsy
Plantillo Birch Log Pillows $60

The log pillows above are what happens when Sabine Herrman takes nature photography and turns them into functional items.  Hunting down cool things with her camera in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, you never know what may turn into something decorative and that you can rest your head on!
Lakehouse Sign on Etsy

Lake House Sign , Benchmark Custom Signs $39.95

Cool lake signs can adorn your home handmade in a variety of woods (ie: Custom Sign) from Benchmark Custom Signs on Etsy. They started some time ago making great signs on high quality woods. Phil has the fastest ship time on Etsy and don't be fooled by imitations.  A variety of sizes and styles can be great for inside the home or outside, to welcome people to your cottage!

Eco Friendly Childs Blanket Etsy

From masacoche shop, $65 repurposed kids blanket

We love the eco friendly repurposed wool blanket for your child in retro colors, adorned with cute woodsy animals sure to please!  Not to mention would go with any cottage or natural decor in great hues and earthy tones!

Reclaimed Wood Desk
Reclaimed Wood Desktop $500 FreshRestorations

Old floorboards have been restored into a variety of desktops and tabletops by Fresh Restorations, in Bound Brook New Jersey.   This could prove as a functional workspace, tabletop or focal point in your shabby home!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Got Beef? Explains Manufacturing Approval On Etsy

got beef brand
How a T-Shirt is made if you aren't a screenprinter 

Green Lifestyle: Etsy Manufacturing Approval?

I won't forget the day Etsy sellers heard that third party manufacturing processes could be submitted for approval. Many sellers cringed at the idea since Etsy was always so small scale handmade....a crafter's dream come true. List your items for under a quarter and go with it.  

I used to have an Etsy shop, but I don't anymore. Granted, I shop on Etsy, love Etsy, and I lurk quietly in the forums.   Being a good Etsian,  I won't "call out" , but there happened to be some questionable jewelry resellers for years and that's pretty much what happened to me.  I had a good design, but my items were priced so much higher, than the other shop. They took me so much time to make, and well, the shop in question listed so many more items than me and were always showing so high in results, one day I found my own design there! My little shop sort of fizzed out and died.  Could I have stayed and worked on my shop? Maybe. I didn't have time for all that. Half my fault for giving up.  For a long time I refused to buy a mass produced item. I hated commercial manufacturing processes and thought them the same as resellers. UNTIL NOW.   I look at things differently.

There's three types of reasons I am highlighting below, that I for one am glad Etsy approved their manufacturing processes. 

Candy Wrappers
Shop: With Envy Parties, You can get these printed, or printable. 

#1 Case Study 

Original Design Gone Good : Etsy Makes Someone A Star Example : WithEnvyParties

Location: Oregon

Shop Keeper: Anitria, Mom of 2, Who Loves Caffiene

Items: Printables, Printed Materials and Everything You Need for a Party!

One example would be Anitria who is a graphic artist. She opened her shop on Etsy in June 2013. Now at January 2015, just a year and a half later, she's almost at 3000 sales.  She offers downloads that are printable.

For someone like me that doesn't have a clue what I'm doing, ordering the print version is much better.  Her cute and quirky designs are simply adorable, and she can print some things off herself. However, Anitria doesn't want to get into gluing together paper to make a notepad so she she decided to partner in with a local print shop so that she could offer these same adorable designs on notepads and stationary  to her customers at an affordable prices, better than if she spend hours trying to do it herself. It's still her designs on the items, and you bet your bottom dollar that Anitria is on top of that from start to finish, quality control checking to make sure her original designs are stunning.


got beef? tshirt
Got Beef? tshirt in BigFatDaddys hop

Case Study # 2  

Company Add Ons :  Creative Control of Your Brand   BigFatDaddys "Got Beef?"®

Location: Pennsylvania

Shop Keeper: Wayne & Cindy

Items: Hand Blended Spice, Apparel, Housewares

Wayne Schafer is a well known Pitmaster who travels selling his beef and BBQ and catering for celebrities.  What you may not know is that he and his wife also own the "got beef? ®" trademark on clothing and housewares as Wayne has used it for years.  Seeing that Wayne is a chef and cook and not a screenprinter, creating t-shirts for his company, would not be possible without outside help.

In this scenario, the Schafers are  indeed mom and pop with kids as pit crew.  Schafer fought the plethora of online of resellers who were using got beef? without licensing, and shut down thousands of listings per month spending lots of time and money to protect their brand, more than they make on selling it.  To them it's not about how many shirts , hats, hoodies, cups, or mugs they sell, but the quality of said products and their own reputation.

got beef tshirt design
A scribble made this shirt, for real.

Schafer's wife Cindy creates the designs, which change each year as old styles are phased out and new are created. Sometimes these starts with a scribble and a vision.  She picks the color palettes and mocks up a design for the final job.  All the while, keeping in mind her husband's ties to the brand, which can be traced back to his former restaurant. In this example, she wants a cow or bull on the shirt. Lucky for them, they have two great printing companies they have been working with for years of which were approved.

got beef swatches
These are swatches the print company helped with on the last run.

Wayne's wife Cindy says, "The print company works with me personally on all my designs. He actually sends me swatch samples to my Iphone and we discuss different styles. I may be hooked on a color and style that isn't compatible, but I mull it over and Tyler will find a way to make it work.  I actually feel like he's part of our process. We go back and forth on shirt styles and colors, and I know I talk his ear off. One shirt I design can literally take five or six proofs as I'm super picky.  He tells me what can and can't happen. We push the bar on designs, for instance, the got beef? this year on our unisex shirts is going way out of usual printable range. We wanted it to be huge, in your face, and that's what we got."

got beef girls tshirt
 How a Scribble Became a Reality

The Schafers feel good knowing they have ways to design and build their products with the help of a manufacturer. When the shirts come in, they make and apply their own hang tags, which are all handmade. They control their own inventory and do their own shipping.

You won't see their shirts flying off the shelves. Original Got Beef?® items range about $28-$32 a shirt, on the high end range. Schafer sells them on the road, and several places online. Cheaper knock offs and variations on the internet sell for half, and the Schafers  have an uphill battle.

In fact, they refuse to make any mugs this year until the existing are off the market.  In this case Etsy has allowed these items to be made with the help of a third party manufacturer.

etsy shop photographer cindi ressler
Cindi Ressler Fine Art Photography on a Pillow

Case Study #3 

Expansion of Your Brand : Photographer Offers Purses : Cindi Ressler

Location: Maine

Shop Keeper:  Cindi, Fine Art &Nature Photographer

Items: Photographs, Prints, Jewelry, Pillows and Bags

Cindi's photography is stunningly beautiful, and why shouldn't she expand and offer these items onto pillows and purses?   Cindi can print and do her own prints, jewelry, etc but as far as proper application onto a pillow or bag- best to get a third party in to help.  Obviously, they are using her original art, and Cindi looks over the finished product for approval before sending it to her customers. In this case, the squirrel on the pillow is simply fascinating, and a good seller in her store, and how cute he is.


On Etsy: Manufacturing Process Approval
I am nuts about this pillow in the Cindi Ressler shop.


About Etsy Approval 

Going for Etsy approval in most cases is a lengthy process.  It's not just point, click, approve.  For one, getting approval doesn't take overnight, it can take weeks, or even months.

Etsy has the right to ask for photographs, pictures, and follow up with your manufacturers if they want. In this case sellers must be able to prove they are involved in the creative design process from start to finish and provide examples.  Photos are sometimes needed to prove you are doing what you say.

Maybe this will give you a new outlook on Manufacturing.  What do you think?  Tweet comments to me @AndreaMLitton

Friday, September 19, 2014

Original Upcycled Artwork on the Cover of Jen Karetnick's New Poetry Book "Brie Season"!

I recently added a new hand-painted upcycled decoupage art piece to my repertoire! I call it "Remnants Of Our Lives". I'm absolutely delighted that this art piece will be featured in my interview of Julie Rawding's (owner of Can or Can Not) upcoming book "21 Eco Folks Who Made It".

I feel this piece is a "sister project" to my other decoupage vinyl record album "Vivacious Vineyards and a Cat Named Brie" which is featured in the cover of Jen Karetnick's new food & wine poetry book "Brie Season" as it shares a similar artistic style with a woman at the focal point peeking from behind it vineyard grapes or blue hydrangea flowers! I have a lot to be thankful for; I'm so very happy to see my art enjoyed and receiving exposure! Brie Season is now available on Amazon; please check it out HERE!

To view more original hand-painted upcycled decoupage artwork from Jessica Woody please check out her Eco-Friendly Freckles shop HERE

This blog article was contributed by the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Captain Jessica Woody of Eco-Friendly Freckles

Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Upcycled 4th of July Firecracker Tutorial!

My darling niece and nephew are the stars of this star spangled step-by-step how-to tutorial for making your very own DIY upcycled 4th of July firecracker! Showcased on my sister Andrea's blog (owner of Etsy shop Storybook Artifact and Team Leader of the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team), she will explain the entire process of how we put this stunning Independence Day celebratory decor piece together! Making an eye-catching photo prop for your July 4th photography shoot or a patriotic decoration to display during this great American honorary holiday, you will go out in style with a BANG this Fourth of July with this adorable hand-painted, decoupage firework rocket!

Also, featured in my niece and nephew's photo shoot are my vintage original 1950s Town & Country red, white, and blue stiletto high heels from our Etsy sister shop LaOohLaLa Boutique. Little Miss America has them propped up on a pillow and pulling them in her nostalgic Americana Radio Flyer wagon! Mama and Auntie came up with the cutest photo prop idea!

This blog article was contributed by the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Captain Jessica of Eco-Friendly Freckles


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