Monday, February 14, 2022

Etsy Sellers Story : PaperFloDesign Don't Give Up


PaperFloDesign on Etsy sells downloadable SVG Files. 

It has been some time since I dusted off this blog, but in case you've landed her struggling with your Etsy shop, I thought I would post today.  

So many Etsians have given up, they join Etsy only to get frustrated that their items aren't flying off the shelves.  It takes time, patience, and determination to create a successful business. There's a bit of difference making a transition from doing what you love craft or art-wise then turning it into a money making entity. 

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your shop.  Maybe you're great at crafts but bad at running an Etsy shop, don't give up!  I recently interviewed an Etsy shop owner who used to live in the USA, but now sells on Etsy from France!  Naa Ardua of PaperFloDesign makes the world a greener place by selling digital files. She focuses on  SVG files. The files are then sold via downloadable art to the customer, and the customer makes things with them. They can reuse the files and make variations of the items. What a green idea. 

What's more, the seller offers an outside-of-Etsy online course (which I didn't think was expensive) to teach others how to start an art like this,and do what you love on her own website

It's important for sellers to help each other, and keep small business alive. Here's the free podcast which may give you some motivation!

You can Listen to it here:  

Happy Etsying!

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