Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tranzendental Arts

Shop Name: Transzendental Arts

Owner Name: Cynthia

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Etsy Shop Link:
Rasta Hat - (Bobby)

Transzendental Arts is home to Cynthia, a theatre design specialist with experience in costume, set, lighting design and directing. She believes in recycling, and using reclaimed materials. Her shop consists of custom fashionable designs ranging from hats to bell bottoms, to other accessories. Cynthia says, "Sometimes the materials I use retain their original form, but often they are integrated and not readily recognizable. I enjoy the challenge and spend a great deal of time dissembling items to make use of as many elements as possible in my process."

Just look at these lovely creations:
Tie Beret - (Heather)

Tie Beret - (Gladys)

Check out Cynthia's great shop HERE.

NOTE: Special thanks to Cyn for coming up with out team tag WASTENOT!

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