Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Shop Name:  Anna B Green

Owner: Anna

Location: Seattle, WA

Etsy Link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/annabgreen

Anna is a middle school student, who loves to use recycled materials and upcycle them into something fully functional.  In her store, you will find everything from fused plastic bags that have been made into bags, totes, or cool wallets.  Some totes, such as the multi colored crocheted one (above) took 100 grocery bags to make!  She even has cool bags made from old jeans. The absolutely BEST part?  That Anna is promoting the go-green lifestyle to her school friends, and in turn they have banded together to provide others with green tips and ways to go green.  She is our the future generation and with this I can rest assured that she will make a difference. Thank you Anna for being so wonderful, it will be you and your friends that will spread the green wave to the future.

Anna was also featured on this blog for the Member Monthly Spotlight Award for March 2010.  Read all about her an an exclusive interview  HERE.  I published an article about her interview on AC HERE.

Make sure to check out her store HERE.

Read her wonderful blog which houses green tips and the story of how she and several other "eco-savvy middle school girls" are making a green community HERE.

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