Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Treasury Power!

I must admit, I was a big slacker when it came to treasury making on Etsy.  Maybe this was because I found the old process difficult because you had to copy item numbers.  Now it's easier than ever to make a treasury, and only takes a matter of minutes.  

The results are beneficial and plentiful:  a great way to promote items, create hub-bub, share your treasury on social networking sites and have a chance of getting your treasury on the "front page!"

 Today I created this treasury in a matter of minutes, by going to the main page on Etsy, and looking for "Treasury" on the lower left side.   You can then hit the "Create a List" button or click HERE.    
First, you create a title for your list.  Then, add a description.  I like to put my blog in and talk a little about the treasury, in this case, telling people I'm presenting treasures from the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team!

Make sure the privacy tab is set to everyone so that everyone can see!  Then, add tags so people will find your item.   Now it's time to add items.  Some people choose items based on theme, or color, or style.  Today I looked for upcycled wares from my team, however, the color blue was on my mind, so I picked things BLUE and UPCYCLED!

Adding the items themselves are now the easiest part.  You only need to cut and paste the URL, and NOT worry about the item number like back in the day....

Cutting and pasting the URL is easy as pie.  I use Mozilla Firefox browser so I can jump back and forth in between windows so much easier.  Once your items are all cut and pasted, then you click on SAVE.  Now you can share your items on many social networking sites and you should at the very least twitter it and post it to your facebook profile!

As a courtesy and for more promotional value,make sure to notify the people that you have included, so that they make share the treasury, and tell their friends, who will tell their friends....and watch and track your results.  See how many people "viewed" the treasury or how many people "clicked" on items. 

This is such a free and easy way to promote our team and your own items (it used to be that you were only allowed to include one of your items in a treasury at at time, now it appears they suggest on the "Create" page that you should not include any of your own items) so really you should be making treasuries as much as you can!  Use it as often as you can!

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