Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meet Mattie Reid Chicago

Lovely rhinestone ring used to be an earring!

Shop Name: Mattie Reid Chicago

Location: Houston, TX

Owner: Heather

Heather says, "Mattie Reid Chicago came about back in 1999 when I was living in Chicago and attending school for fashion design. We had a project where we had to create a design name for ourselves. I could not think of anything, but my great grandmother. Her name was Mattie Reed. I changed the spelling of her last name to Reid and added Chicago to the end. Wa la! Mattie Reid Chicago was created. I design and develop accessories, often made of vintage fabrics and trims as well as clothing that is inspired by designs from the past."

Feather Headband is lovely.

Heather sold a lot on Ebay for the past few years, but has recently been stocking up her Etsy stores, both this, and Texas Vintage, which offers eclectic vintage clothing, housewares, and decor.
"Summer is Beautiful" onesies.

Heather's known for her onesies. They are unisex, and have playful embroidered designs and appliques on them. explains, "Right now, I mostly focus on baby apparel however, I am going to branch out soon and possibly add in toddler designs as well. With regard to the onesies, I can make anything requested. If you don't see it, send me an email and I can make it! I love special orders!!"

Heather's Mission?  "Made with love!, and to incorporate onesies, accessories made from vintage trims, paper goods-a little bit of everything!"

Adorable Hair Barettes with Vintage Adornments!

Connect with Heather:
On Twitter
On Facebook for Mattie Reid
In her Etsy Shop for Mattie Reid Chicago
On her Website her Texas Vintage Shop

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